Thank You, Thank You, Thank You

Thank you so much for all your amazing ideas for my new little sha-bang I'm working on. I've made a list of all my possibilities and I've been mulling it all over. I'm beginning to narrow it down some, but I'm having a tough time. Choosing a name is big stuff. It feels so final to me, because once I choose something then I'm stuck with it. So, I really want to make it good. Keep sending me ideas though...I'm loving it! (I'm actually more stressed over naming this little business venture than I ever was in naming our children...crazy.)


Marc and Charity said...

Well, I'm rubbish and can't think of any names. I'll let you know if I do though! I think "Funky Flair" was cute- whoever mentioned that one in the last post.

Jo said...

One more and I'll quit...
"Stylish Splendor"
Aunt Jo