It's hot.  And I wanna complain about the way my makeup melts off my face and about how the 2 squirts of hairspray that I allow myself a day drips and mixes with the hanging water in the air.  That then drips down in my eyes and causes my contacts to get all wonky.  Which then leads me to have to take my contacts out and wear my glasses which make me claustrophobic, especially in temperatures hot enough to bake a turkey.  And so we've come full circle.  But I'm not going to complain.  Instead I'm gonna tell you that I'm thrilled that it is still flip flop weather.  And that my pedicure still looks good from 2 weeks ago.
It's the middle of August.  And I wanna complain about it being time for school to start.  Because I'm not ready.  It means forking over lots of cash for curriculum and waking up early and actually having to put forth some effort during the day other than changing the channel on the television or lathering a little person up with sunscreen at the pool.  And it means that my babies are a year older.  And that I'm going to have to teach 5th grade math this year.  But I'm not going to complain.  Instead I'm gonna tell you that I'm excited about the new school year.  Because it means new sharpened pencils.  And $.25 crayons.  And the sound of fresh spines on textbooks being cracked open for the first time.
I have a slight new-found obsession with eBay.  I wanna complain for awhile about the folks that outbid me on an item that I need by a measly $1, which makes me then raise my max bid by a $1, just so I can be outbid again by a $1, and so on and so forth.  Because I have a minor impulse control problem.  And an I-Don't-Like-To-Lose problem.  But I'm not going to dwell on that.  Instead I'm gonna tell you that I'm actually very proud of myself.  I've managed to find some amazing deals on some of our more pricey pieces of curriculum for the year and have managed to save us quite a few dead presidents.  Even if it did make me want to yell bad words at those other homeschooling hussies on the other side of the computer screen who keep outbidding me. 
I'm finding myself still dealing with some pent-up frustration with a situation that I should have been able to let go several months ago.  I wanna vent for a long while about how I don't much feel like forgiving.  And how I don't feel like being mature.  And how all I really want to do is throw a huge tantrum and get my way.  But instead I'm gonna tell you that I have amazing friends.  Friends who are honest.  And who are authentic.  And who are the salve on a very nasty wound.
The husband has been working himself like a dog lately.  I really wanna complain about his work hours.  And how he's never home.  Or how when he is home he's preoccupied with work stuff or just dead cow tired.  But instead I'm gonna tell you how proud I am of him.  He's so good at his job that people rely entirely too heavily on him and his knowledge that he is kept hopping.  Which is pretty cool...because the alternative could be that he sucked at his job and wasn't needed.  I think I'll take "busy" for $200, Alex.
We live in a college town.  Actually, it's a 2 college town.  And right now, I really wanna complain about the soon-to-be monsoon of students that will awaken our lazy town from its quiet summer slumber.  Restaurants will be full again.  I'll have to wait in line to get gas.  And Walmart will be flooded with buggies full of Ramen noodles, ironing boards, and mini dorm refrigerators pushed by perky too-tanned students carrying wallets full of daddies' credit cards.  But instead I'm gonna tell you that I love our town.  And I really love it in the fall when the students return.  Because it means the blood is pumping through the veins of our community again.  Routine returns to schedules that can't help but revolve around college calendars.  Our church quintuples in bodies.  Local business owners sleep a little easier at night.  And, maybe most importantly, it means its almost football weather!!
It's been over a month since I've stepped foot near a baseball field.  I wanna tell you how blastedly glad I am for it.  That I'm so sick of the washing of uniforms and running like maniacs to accommodate bizarre practice and game schedules.  That if I don't step foot near a baseball field for another 6 months, I'd be perfectly content.  But I can't.  Instead I'm gonna tell you that I've missed it like crazy.  And that I'm insanely giddy that the boys have their first practice tomorrow to start up the fall tournament season.  That once again my laundry room is going to be covered in a layer of red infield clay carried in on baseball pants, and that my car is going to smell like stanky, sweaty cleats.  I'm thrilled about the soon-to-be littering of baseball bags in my kitchen floor and about pouring half my grocery budget into gatorades and sunflower seeds.  Ahh..tomorrow, tomorrow.  I love ya, tomorrow.
It's midnight.  And I've resorted to watching an infomercial about an exercise device that promises me in large print that I can lose 15 dress sizes in 6 weeks, yet assures me in small print that it's never going to happen.  I really wanna turn the tv off and go to sleep.  But instead I'm gonna stay up and practice my before and after poses in the mirror.  You know...for when I don't lose the weight that they promise me that I will just after I lose the weight that they promise me I won't.

Chew on that for awhile....
That's all.....


Sami said...

1. You have helped me identify one of the weirdo feelings I get when I have to wear my glasses. Claustrophobic? Yes, please.
2. I always dreaded it just a little bit when the college kids came back in town. But I learned after too many years that I will not admit how many because that means that I was in that town for much longer than I thought I was...what was I going to say? Oh yes, I learned to not go to WalMart for a few weeks at the end of August unless I HAD to. And then only at extremely odd hours :)

Nancy said...

I loved this post!

Thanks for helping fill my half empty glass - I needed that.

I had a long, long list of WANNA's but today, just for today, I'm GONNA instead.

(PS: I wanna say how much I HATE math because it has always made me feel so 'dumb' but I gonna say how much I love GREAT math teachers - they can literally change lives!)

Kellie said...

Excellent job of looking on the bright side!

I'll follow in your footsteps:

I WANNA complain that the primary books I need for this weeks history reading are already checked out at the library (Both dialectic and Upper grammar)...But I'm GONNA tell you that there are lots of other resources about ancient Egypt, for which I am grateful.

Happy Day!

Angie said...

Laugh.out.loud!! Kudos to you for looking on the bright side!

We've got the heat, and the college kids, but no baseball. We're looking for dance classes though because, just between you and me, one of my girls dances like Elaine on Seinfeld.

And fair warning, this 'homeschool hussie' will be e-bay bidding next week for math books;)

He & Me + 3 said...

I think you are very optimistic and I am proud to know you (via blog of course). I hate that about ebay too. I mean they getcha at the last second so you can't bid again. Frustrating for sure.
I feel the same way about Soccer. So glad it is back in action!
I wanna continue this comment but I am gonna say good night :)

Jim said...

I WANNA say that I completely understand where you are coming from, so I am GONNA say it! I completely understand where you are coming from. There, I said it!

Now I WANNA just say I love you and goodnight, so I'm GONNA!

I love you. Goodnight!


Carpool Queen said...

Fun post - It ties into my Sunday School lesson yesterday about PERSPECTIVE.

Need me a little of that today :)

Mary @ Simple Things said...

"Even if it did make me want to yell bad words at those other homeschooling hussies on the other side of the computer screen who keep outbidding me." This line made me laugh until I cried!! I love the whole post, I'm trying to look on the bright side too, but that one line brightened my day to no end!

New Every Morning said...

I wanna be annoyed at all of the last minute wedding emergencies that hubby and I have to fix, but I'm GONNA just be thankful that we get to be a part of it all.

Loved this post... might have to steal this idea, mkay?

Bridget said...

Love your wanna, gonna's!!!

Mich said...

You make me smile. I miss you bunches!

Kerri870 said...

So glad I read your post Amber.

I've been stuck in the "Wanna's" today and nursing a wound(i.e. feeling sorry for myself) and reading your post has truly lifted me up. I REALLY needed that!

You're awesome!!!

Happy Book Shopping..we just opened up a big box of them today! I love that!