A Post In Which I Fill Your Mind With Useless Rambling...

1)  Everyone around here goes back to school tomorrow.  I had a post half-composed on my feelings on the matter, but I deleted it.  Because, basically, here's my feelings:  Nah.Nah.Nah.Boo.Boo.   But, I'm not usually one to gloat.

2)  Speaking of school, our new books are trickling in box by box.  The UPS man is my new BFF.  Good thing we live in the country and have no close neighbors, or I'm afraid folks would start talkin'.

3)  I have a new arch-nemesis.  It's an app on my phone called "Angry Birds."  If you have an iPhone or iTouch....tread carefully.  It's highly irritating and will make you want to pull your hair out strand by strand and then set your face on fire addictive.  Dern birds.

4)  My summer tv schedule is starting to wear on my nerves.  I'm ready for my regular-scheduled-programming of gLee and Grey's Anatomy and...well...gLee.  But, thank Florida, I still have my delightfully intriguing train wreck of Big Brother to keep me company in the time being.  Oh...and then there's Wipeout....which just makes me giggle like a 12 year old pubescent boy.

5)  Did I mention that Ye Olde School of Rascal does NOT start school tomorrow?!

6)  I think all of my manic eBaying of late has worn off negatively on the offspring.  Yesterday, I found Keaton in his room, perusing the auction pages of PEZ DISPENSERS.  And somehow, after he talked fancy to me, I helped him place a bid for a package of mint-condition StarTrek Pez dispensers.  Because everyone needs 20 year old candy with a dispenser shaped like Dr. Spock.

7)  The menfolk went and floated the river the other day with some of their other man friends (and a few girly daughters), and apparently had a fantastic time.  My children came home from the outing and declared themselves River Rats.  To which I made a proclamation that as much as I found that amazing, they would be doing all River Rat activities with their father.  Because this girl doesn't do river.  (And I especially don't do river since they yanked a dead person out of said river just yesterday.  Um...no thank you.)

8)  School doesn't start for us tomorrow!!!  But I'm beginning to think it's time to start thinking about starting...because I'm not sure my mind can handle one.more.episode. of SpongeBob.  Mind.Numbing.

9)  I made the most devine mess of Twice Baked Mashed Potatoes the other day.  And I can't really remember how I made them.  There is beauty in not using a recipe...until you want to make them again. 

10)  Guess what?  We don't start school tomorrow!! But I'll think about everyone who is up tying the laces of new tennis shoes at dark'o'clock'thirty in the morning while I'm still snoozing in my bed dreaming about not starting school tomorrow!  You're welcome.


Sami said...

I got completely hooked on Angry Birds too. Then I had to quit. My hand started cramping. Seriously. I think I gave myself carpal tunnel.

Elizabeth said...

My kids are addicted to Angry Birds and I don't even know what it is. I just know they get into big fights about whose turn it is and drive me nuts!

I spent a good half hour planning out my fall tv schedule yesterday. Lots of goodness that doesn't start for another month-just in time for Mr. Baby to come along. Thank goodness for DVR!

So, when are you going to start school?

p.s. got the package! Thank you! I'll send the other book back after I read it. I've had in on request forever, so thank you for sending it!

New Every Morning said...

Every season, hubby and I look at each other and ask, How does Big Brother keep making it on the air? Who watches that stuff?
And now we know.

Angry birds ... yes, very addictive. My 6 year old got hooked while the other 2 were in computer camp. Now it resides on my itouch and they all think it is great. Except when someone else (who shall remain nameless) is hogging the itouch playing other games.

Kendra said...

I downloaded the Angry Birds app, too. Sam and I both love to get frustrated/addicted to it.

Did you know that in just over a month GLEE starts back? Sept 21st can't come soon enough!

Amy Fulmer said...

1. Not nice to gloat about lack of school startiness.

2. Officially fixated on Big Brother. Watching it after-dark on showtime. Want to know 3 days ahead of time what is going on? I'm your girl. Scandalicious.

3. Go river-ratting with my crew. You will be easily converted. Pinky promise. And no dead bodies.

4. No more no school ugly talk!

Carpool Queen said...

When the boys were little, the UPS guy was my BFF. I used to order stuff just to have it delivered so I'd have another grownup to talk to.

Kellie said...

So did you start school this week?

Oops sorry. The sarcasm of my middle school student is beginning to rub off on me. ;)

We did start school and all I can say is thank goodness its Friday. You can put a fork in me. I'm done!

And i don't swim in any water that I can not see the bottom!

Marla Taviano said...

Love the new look! But I feel like Angry Birds is the dumbest thing ever. What do you do, throw pigs at birds or something? Okay, so I've never played it. But my hubby and girlies love it.

Have an awesome school year (whenever you decide to start)!

lisa@littlesliceoflife said...

You know that giant smile on Spongebob's face when he realizes Squidward secretly loves Krabby Patties? I had that smile when I read about Keaton's Pez dispensers.

I must download Angry Birds. I have a personal vendetta against birds since Wes convinced me a hawk got our cat. It could be therapeutic.

Jim said...

I'm totally out of sinc! I try not to get ANGRY, even at BIRDS,not GLEE.FUL, neva had a BIG BROTHER (I'm that in our tribe), and the SCHOOL THING, well, suffice it to say, my fall class to teach was cancelled for lack of enrollment, and when I tried to enroll in a course myself, both sections were full, i.e., no school this semester - but I've my 50th HS reunion to coordinate for next month - 100 people coming for our 2 day THANG! Now, onto PEZ DISPENSERS - do people collect those? Are they, like, PET ROCKS?



He & Me + 3 said...

My brother got everyone in our house but me hooked on Angry birds. I won't touch it. Afraid of addiction. LOL

Cathy said...

I'm not one to gloat either....we don't start school until September 8th.:)