100 Years Fabulous....

100 years is a long time.  A really long time.

Airplanes have flown.  Men have walked on the moon.  People live in Cyberspace. 

So much has changed with our world in 100 years.  And I can't imagine watching our world go from none of that to all of that in my lifetime.

100 years.  A century.

And my Aunt Fay has seen the whole thing. 

This weekend a host of family and friends came together to celebrate the woman that has outlived, out-seen, and outlasted all of the rest of us in the family. 

100 years.  I keep saying it over and over because I still can't hardly believe it. 

My Aunt Fay is my grandfather's sister on my mother's side.  She never had children of her own, but she was a second mother and grandmother to so many of us.  I can remember spending long summer days at her farm house getting in her way helping her garden and can and cook.  She always wore an apron.  And she had this crazy ceramic wiener dog that sat in front of her cabinet television.  She loved to give us fun gifts at Christmas like toothpaste and denture cream (no joke), and you couldn't go see her at her house or her room at the nursing home without her sending you home with something or other. 

100 years.


She informed everyone at her party this weekend that she "wasn't having a party."  She was "just visitin'."  Because she "didn't want a fuss."  Yes, Ma'am, Aunt Fay.  Yes, Ma'am.

But we partied anyway.

Isn't she the most precious thing you've ever seen? 

Here's Aunt Fay with her Great Nieces and Nephews (minus a few)

Here's Aunt Fay with her Great Great Nieces and Nephews (minus a few)
plus a man in a yellow hat that none of us know, but somehow found his way in our pictures.

Happy Birthday, Aunt Fay!
August 12, 1910 -


Kay @ Off the Beaten Path said...

Your aunt looks darling! What a treat for her and you all. How wonderful to have such a legacy. Happy Birthday Aunt Fay!

Nancy said...

Happy 100th Birthday!

A beautiful Centenarian!!!

My grandmother lived to be 90 and I remember asking her once ... what single item - out of all the marvels she'd seen during her lifetime - did she think was the greatest ... guess what she said?

The washing machine (she had 9 kids)

Carpool Queen said...

The man with the yellow hat just needed him a little family, that's all.

Blessings, Aunt Fay!

Angie said...

She looks fantastic! Congrats to you and the family.


Anonymous said...


He & Me + 3 said...

Wow 100 years. That is awesome. She is such a cutie and i just don't believe she is 100...she looks about 75 at best. What an awesome celebration.
Love the guy in the yellow hat too. LOL FUnny.
Denture cream...baa haa.
Happy Birthday to your Aunt Fay!

Lori Motl said...

How amazing it is to think of living 100 years. And I agree with the rest of the comments. Se looks beautiful! What a special family time.