The Post In Which I Sound Morbidly Depressed, But Really I'm Perfectly Fine

1.  I hate basketball.  I don't even like to watch my own children play basketball, let alone a bunch of smelly sweaty young twenty-somethings that I don't know and who hog my television time.  I actually think that I might be a basketball bigot of sorts.  Because I have no problem when other sporting events finagle their way into my PrimeTime viewing slots...but basketball?  Well, March Madness takes me to my mad ugly place.

2.  But, because I do enjoy Cinderella stories and because I don't live under a rock, I'll say GO BUTLER!
But I'm still not happy about it.

3.  I haven't done our taxes yet.  I'm thinking I should probably get right on that.  But the only consolation I have to my heavy-duty procrastination is that Kirk and I will just be spending our refund check while the rest of you folks have already kissed yours goodbye. 

4.  Nope.  Nevermind.  Not much of a consolation.  Because I still have to do them and you're already finished.  Blech.

5.  I slipped the gym my sanity as I slipped them a check for the Boot Camp that starts this evening.  Now I'm wondering why exactly I felt like it was a good idea for me to actually pay money for two trainers to stand over me and inform me of what I already know:  "You can't do a push-up."  "You can't do a sit-up."  "You can't run worth a flip." 

6.  I'm terrified of #5.  Like going to puke in the middle of the field terrified.  Good times.

7.  Last night our family watched Discovery's new series Life.  Have you seen it?  Aside from all the typical "the world's been around for 345,675,934,205,175,485 years" and "we all come from plankton" snippets, the show is actually very very good.  Although I am rethinking letting the boys watch it or any other Discovery/Animal Planet show ever ever again.  My whole outlook on those shows changed last night when I was asked what "sperm" was.  Disney Channel anyone?

8.  Rascal Academy declared today an extension of our Spring Break because the head teacher was suffering from a fever.  And the only cure for Spring Fever is a picnic/playdate at the park.  (It's in our school handbook...scout's honor.) 

9.  While out at the park, I as a very forward thinking woman and mother we dabbled in political correctness and tolerance.  The boys were playing around on the play-set and I heard, "Hey, Gay-man, come here."  Say, what?  "Hey, Gay-man!"  My ears doth deceiveth me.  What did he say?  "Hey, Gay-man, come here."  Oh, dear.  Time for an intervention.  So I march over to the play-set and call the culprit down.  "Please don't call your brother that.  It isn't a name that we are going to call people."   "Why?  What's wrong with GaME-man, Mom?" 

10.  Note to self:  Work on enunciation of the letter M.

That's all.


Amy Fulmer said...

Haven't done our taxes yet, either. Please don't tell Brad.

But since we will both be getting them back so late, I'm thinking we should use a snippet to do our night out we have discussed for the 347,692,471 years in which we have evolved.

Mich said...

I still say you should have had someone taking pictures or video of "Boot camp." :)

You are so brave...

Love ya!

Tiffani said...

I'm can't believe you know the "Butler" portion of March Madness the only "butler" I know is Mr. Belvedere.

I'll be praying for you through boot camp!

Loving the LIFE series too!!

Bridget said...

We haven't done our taxes either...ick...

You brave soul, boot camp?! Glad it's you and not me...

New Every Morning said...

I'm thinking we could start a "Bloggers against Basketball" petition. Love you for so many reasons!

I love the idea of extending spring break! We start ours on Friday and I'm ready - as of yesterday.

Angie said...

We've been out of pocket for a while (saw Jim-dad today!), but I'm loving catching up on your blogs. I'll just comment on all of them here;

I'm a little 'wavy' about basketball. Sometimes I like it, sometimes not so much.

I'll see your boys and raise you two girls who eat like 'weight-watchers' falling off the wagon!

I totally agree! Men are Kryptonite when it comes to cleaning!

Enunciation can be a tricky thing! While contemplating desert at a restaurant, I said I liked 'Moose Tracks' ice cream. What my daughter heard, and repeated loudly was 'mommy likes moose crap!' Needless to say, my next words were "check, please!"

Love you!!!

Andrea said...

Boot Camp? Blech! Better you than me.

Gretchen said...

Yeah, let's start us a petition against March madness. Though I might also include an addendum about boot camp, but it seems you've been brainwa...seems you like that sort of abuse. ;)

Lurve you more'n my luggage and Reeses eggs, combined.

Alison said...

Hahaha - #9 is cracking me up!

Libby said...


Cathy said...

You so funny.

No really, you are.:)

And I love ya...but I have no sympathy for you and your taxes...because you uttered the word "refund" and all we uttered was "how much do we owe?". So, while you'll get no sympathy from me, I'll say "Yay you! that you get a refund! I'm happy for you!".

And I'll join in with a big shout-out for anything anti-basketball and for the The Fever as well.

lisa@littlesliceoflife said...

Apparently I DO live under a rock. Unless the Butler's name is Jeeves, I have no idea what you're talking about.