Rockin' the Resolutions

January 2nd and my resolution goal is already shot.  The one about posting a picture every day.

Technically, I kept my goal of taking a picture today, but since I'm just getting home from the longest.day.evuh., I just grabbed the nearest computer I could find to get this post up, and it just so happened to be the husband's.  And he doesn't take kindly to me uploading all my girly mess all up in his man space....

So for today...no picture posted.  But I DID TAKE ONE!

So use your imagination:

The picture that I took was of the TaterTooter snoozing away in the van.  I took the picture while driving around a hugacious curve with my body torqued around everywhichaway trying to capture his image with my iphone camera while he was sitting in the seat d.i.r.e.c.t.l.y. behind me...but he was just so darn cute sleeping, that I couldn't not take it.  Insert parental safety speeches here.  While you're at it, tell me not to text and drive, because, in the interest of full disclosure, I did that, too....

I was driving home today with the rascals who had docked with the mother ship for the past few days.  The husband and I had left them with my parents for a few moments of much needed breathing room grandparent bonding. 

A few days sans kids is always such a refreshing break, except for that whole gotta-pick-'em-up thing.  Let me clarify...it's not that I didn't want to pick 'em up, because I really do like my children on some occasions. It's that I didn't want to do the mind-numbing drive to go and get 'em. 

I would rather eat my shoe than drive.

So today was driving day.  And now we are all finally home snug and exhausted and glad to be breathing our own air.

So here's to Home.  And Family. 
And already breaking New Year's Resolutions on DAY TWO.

Rock on.


Sami said...

1. Please don't eat your shoe. Play Glee really loud and drink some starbucks while you're in the car. NO.Eating.Shoe. :)
2. I totally pictured the picture. And you taking the picture. So if you want to get all technical about it you actually posted TWO pics.
3. Goals met!!