Hey, Amber.... How 'Bout Some Sugar?

Hey, Amber, what have you done today?

  • Well, for starters, I swept my floor.  But you can't tell, so don't come over until I sweep again.  Then I tried to start a fire in my fireplace, but failed miserably at that.  I have taken comfort in the fact, though, that the husband, too, has had trouble getting the fires to start lately, as evidenced by the BLOWTORCH sitting comfortably next to the fireplace.  We know how to get things done around here.
So that's it, Amber?  Sweeping and fire-making failure?
  • Actually, no.  I worked profoundly hard at cleaning up the Christmas combustion that has taken over my house, but it doesn't look like I've done anything at all.  I'm wondering if maybe I should have just taken the morning off and done absolutely nothing anyway, since that is what it looks like.
  • This afternoon, the boys and I met a couple of besties at the park for a Bike and Scooter Fest.  One of the problems with living in the country is an abundance of gravel and an inadequacy of concrete.  And our one attempt at the scooter/gravel combo ended in depletion of my band-aide supply.  While the boys sweat and pedaled away, Jen and I devoured a bag of Cool Ranch Doritos and gossipped....our own favored version of exercise.
Hey, Amber, did you take a picture?
  • Why, yes, I did.  Because I'm still hanging in there with my New Year's goal.
Project Photo #4

Aw, that's cute. And, look! All the boys are wearing Razorback shirts?  Fun coincidence, huh?
  • Oh, no, no coincidence at all, Dear Reader.  Our blood runs swine red around these parts, and we have been paying homage to our Almighty Razorbacks all.day.long. 
Hey, Amber, what makes today special for the Razorbacks?
  • Gasp.  I'm going to try not and get all kinds of offended up in here, and try to remember that some of y'all aren't from these parts.  Pull up a chair, honey, and let me enlighten you.....   TODAY IS SUGAR BOWL DAY!!! 
Sounds exciting.  I guess you're excited, huh?
  • We're VERY excited.  Like VERY excited.  Because the Sugar Bowl means good times with football, food, and friends!  Three of my favorite things!  In fact, we're leaving in a bit for a Woo Pig Sooie good time!  The only thing better would be sitting my happy in New Orleans front and center, but since that ain't happening, I'm going to gorge myself on all things dippy and cheesy and melty and sugary. 
  • I also have found my brain is running through an endless loop of Def Leppard"s "Pour Some Sugar On Me" for the past two days, which you are now thanking me for because you know that you are singing it right now....  You're welcome. 
Well, have a great time at the party, Amber, and I guess I should say, "Go Hogs!"
  • Aw.  You're sweet.  Thanks!  And I'm so proud of you for stepping out with the Piggy Love.


Bridget said...

GO RAZORBACKS! And thanks for the song in my head...yeah, appreciate that...

Sami said...

I actually do appreciate the change in the song running through my head. You know, since it's been the Jerseylicious theme song for most of the day. Hey, this is saying that I've misspelled jerseylicious. Interesting. My phone actually takes the first few letters and then WRITES it out. Maybe I talk about it too much...

theelizabethhighsmith said...

"all things dippy and cheesy and melty and sugary. "
i think we're taste bud bff's! sure is nice having you back around these parts, WOO PIG SOOIE TO YOU!

Sandy said...

Why is it so much harder to take it all down & put it away than it is to get it out & put it up???!
I thought I put all mine away yesterday, then when I pulled in this evening I realized I still had decor on the mailbox & a wreath hanging outside the garage door. I'll probably find the last few items... around Easter.