Kindle Me Sweetly...

I don't know whom at Blogger is conspiring against me, but their cute is wearing off. This is the 2nd day that they are pulling the rug out from under my cleverly composed posts, and I'm beginning to not use my pretty words when referencing it. So I've resorted to posting from my phone. Take that, Blogger. You can't stop this girl.

Aside from attempting to work out a compromise with my blog host, I've done hardly anything today. I did get lesson plans accomplished for the next two weeks, which feels really good, but, other than that, I've done this:

Project Photo #6


I've been perched in my big ole' chair with my snuggly new Razorback Snuggie (no diamonds for me...the husband knew the way to my heart this Christmas was through a good deal of Hog-emblazoned fleeced yardage!) and have had my nose stuck in OUR new Kindle. (I say "our" because, technically, I bought it for the husband for Christmas. But who are we kidding here? I had definite ulterior motives in play...).

What? You noticed that the page showing says "Prologue"?

Yah, that's because I've already read one book today and that picture was taken when I was just starting another.

I'm telling you....it's been a good day. 

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Sami said...

Your phone forgot to add something very important. What books were you reading???

Kendra said...

You are techies through and through! We'll keep killing trees for now. We love the smell of real books too much!

Sandy said...

Thanks for the comments you've left on my blog!! I get very few comments & I just LOVE to read them when they come in. You are so sweet!
I got my hubby a Kindle for Christmas & he's already read 2 books & is on his third. He's really enjoying it, & I'm so glad.

mer@lifeat7000feet said...

I love the idea of a Kindle but I think I'm with Lisa and will just keep killing trees. I think it would be great to take on vacations when you don't want to lug books around but maybe you can give me some more reasons to try to love one.

BARBIE said...

Sorry about your blogger frustrations. Thank goodness for your iPhone. I hope to own an iPad someday!

Angie said...

So good to read you again! I'm playing catch-up bloggy today and had just made it to 'Bernard' when my girls started yelling about a strange dog in the living room! How's that for comedic timing? Long story short, MS means warm and sunny means doors open means neighbors Yorkie lounging on my couch!

Love the pic resolution - no pun intended.

And I'm still sick about the sugar bowl - and still humming Def Leppard!

Love ya!!!

Nancy said...

I am NOT a football fan (baseball is my game) but wish I was - just for the tailgate parties.

The very thought of BBQing in a parking lot and making cozy with the strangers in the rig parked next to you just sounds like such crazy fun.

(BTW - our whole town has gone 12th Man football crazy because the Seahawks made it to the playoff's.)

The Kindle: let me just say that I believe it is the greatest invention of the century.

Speaking if books: I just read an amazing book called: The River of Doubt - Theodore Roosevelt's Darkest Journey and I am just starting an incredible book called, The Secret Daughter by Shilpi Somaya Gowda