How UnSweet It Was...


If you were habitating under a rock last night, or just could care less about the amazingness of the SEC, then you might not have heard about the tragedy that manifested itself in the form of a teency little thing that we Arkansans were just a smidge worked up about.

Here's the Cliff's Notes:  Arkansas totally dropped the ball. 


And though no one can accuse of us of not bringing an interesting game to the table (and some mighty interesting costuming on the part of our fans...), we gave the game away to Ohio.

We would have given them the ball, too, had we been able to hold onto it.

But enough about football.

Because it is only taking me to my ugly place today.


What's not ugly is all the glorious earth-toned food I consumed last night at our little Sugar Bowl soiree. 

I love me some earth-tones.

Cheese.  Chips.  Potatoes.  Fried poultry.  Chocolate. 

Not a green thing in sight except for the spinach dip that was heavily infused with calories, so it wasn't shunned from the spread.

I might have filled my plate once or four times, but who's counting.

In other, yet somewhat related news, the husband renewed my gym membership yesterday.

And just like that...I'm back to the ugly place.




.....is malfunctioning today.  Blogger won't let me upload my picture, but I pinky promise that I took it!


Sami said...

Guess what??? I put on my 3D glasses and I totally saw your picture!!

mer@lifeat7000feet said...

I've been in a funky mood all day because of a stupid BALLgame. I've gotta learn not to take this stuff so seriously.

Carpool Queen said...

I'm still bitter. And still not talking about it.

But yay for Amber blogging again!

Marla Taviano said...

Okay, 2 things.

1. I CANNOT keep up with you!!!

2. Sweetie, it's not OHIO. It's Ohio STATE. There is a HUGE difference. Trust me, I live 10 minutes from campus. OHIO (U) is a tiny podunk school miles and miles away from here. Please don't try to detract from our win by calling us by the wrong name.

2.5. ;)