Happy Uber-Busy Summer

Jim-Dad asked me last night when I was going to blog again.  As if I'd forgone this sport forever. 

Not so, Jim-Dad, not so.

I have lost my bloggy virginity, however, and come to the realization that I, in fact, can not only go to sleep at night without first turning out a post and scheduling another, but that the world does not stop spinning and planets do not implode if I, for some reason, go a day or ten without reading other people's posts.  It was a long hard road of many a late night before I reached such blogger maturity, but I'm so glad I've arrived.  Liberating, really.  So now this bloggy habit of mine is just a hobby....not my slave-driver.  With cyber whip in hand. 

That being said, I actually do have really good excuses for not having shown my face around these parts for eleventy hundred and twelve a few days. 

1.  For starters, there is a new rascal around these parts.  He's of the four-legged variety and is the cutest darned thing I've ever seen.  He showed up one day and decided that we'd make a swell of a family (he obviously hadn't been hanging around the poochie water cooler or he'd know about us), and we decided that he wasn't too bad himself.  The bigger boys named him "Lucky," but Tate and I are still lobbying for "Goober."  We just look like a Goober kinda family.

Notice:  If you are from around these parts, and Lucky looks familiar...too bad.  He's decided that he likes us better than you.  *wink*

2.  I've been swallowed whole, regurgitated (you're welcome), and swallowed whole again by forever'lovin' baseball.  I have always said that it was a good thing that the Lord gave me boys because I wouldn't have the foggiest idea about what to do inside a ballet studio or a cheerleading gym, but, by golly, now I'm beginning to think that it was some cruel joke played on me by the Maker.  Because I guarantee that a dance studio at least has air conditioning.  These 100* Arkansas days do nothing for me and my tendencies to resemble (in looks and in smell) a drenched sloppy pig once it reaches over a balmy 75*.  

2A.  All three boys finished up their regular seasons of baseball, and now we've moved on to All-Star Tournament baseball.  Sawyer was selected for the All-Star team for our town which is a huge honor, but it just brings daily practices and a whole lot of sweat.  I'm trying to remember what an honor it is as I sit on the bleachers at 8:00 at night and not on my couch watching all my summer tv shows.  

2B.  While Sawyer is busy slaving away on the fields, the other two boys are busy pouting.  Because their baseball is over and now the family revolves around Sawyer.  I tried to reassure them by letting them know that now they would have plenty of time to help me with the laundry.... They didn't bite.

3.  The boys have started the summer of Vacation Bible School rounds.  Yes, we're one of THOSE families.  You better believe that we check-in at every.single. VBS around town.  Because those are 3 hours a day for mama to have to herself.  Scandalous attitude, I know.  But I just look at it as the church ministering to our whole family, which I'm deeply appreciative for.  Oh, and there is that learning about Jesus thing. 

4.  I'm busy Spring Cleaning.  In the summer.  The dust bunnies had started talking back to me, and our feet were sticking to the floors.  See this?
That's a picture of a clean tile floor.  That I scrubbed Cinderelly style.  On my hands and knees.  And now my family is being forced to eat and drink all manner of anything outside.  Because they will lose their heads if they even so much as breathe on that floor.  You think I'm kidding.

5.  We've been swimming a couple of times this summer, but our usual summer stomping ground of the waterpark raised their prices this year, so now you have to sell plasma at the front gate before entering.  So it looks like the lake will be our swimming pool this summer.  Don't get me wrong, I love the lake...but I can only handle so much sand in my car and unmentionables, and the smelling like a fish everyday isn't very ladylike either.  I did take out a second mortgage on the house the other day to take the boys to the waterpark, but it just made me sad that we can't live there like we did last summer. 

See?  Just busy.busy.busy.  Not sure why people call summers vacation time, when people tend to be busier now more than ever, but I wouldn't trade it for anything.  Summer really is my most favorite time of year. 

So if you don't hear from me for awhile, I'm probably just out with my family.  Or scrubbing a floor (probably not).  Or passed out from heat stroke at the baseball field.

Good times.

And Happy Uber-Busy Summer to you!!


Kendra said...

I've realized, too, that life goes on whether I've written a clever blog post or not. And I've scrubbed a floor or two Cinderella style.

Just how much did the waterpark go up? It was a decent price when we last lived there, but it started to get taken over by riff-raff and unsupervised teens. maybe you should give kirk and the boys some shovels and have them dig you out a pool this summer. Think I kid? That's how my parents motivated my brother and me to put in a pool. If we wanted it deep we'd better dig harder. Which is why my parents pool is only feet deep.

Sami said...

The summer I was in Alaska we led FOUR VBS's. I climbed "Mount Extreme the ultimate good news challenge" one too many times. Remember that one? I'm still singing that song in my head...and out loud...and right now. Oh! You can come to the beach here and play in the water!!!

Mich said...

Love ya!

Bridget said...

Yes, it is hot around here. We went to the lake this past weekend and it was wonderful. Wish we had a waterpark closer!

Kellie said...

Is it just me, or do you get a lot of Asian speaking comments? Everytime I leave a comment you have two or three other comments in foreign languages?

But that's not what I've come here to say... I haven't been much of a blogger or reader these days either, but I have missed you. I would even sit at one of those cry baseball games with you, even though sweating isn't my thing....

Carpool Queen said...

My next kitchen will have brown grout. Actually, I think it does not but it's not original. We just tend to make things brown after living on it.

mer@lifeat7000feet said...

You have been busy.

That new pup of yours looks like he has some beagle in him!

And did the pup get the memo about the floors? Because Jack is our main culprit.

Anonymous said...


Gretchen said...

I hope it's okay if I write my comment in English. ;)

You've hit the bloggy nail on the head for me, too, friend. Love how God helps with our perspective, if we'll just put down the cyber whip for a moment and listen.

Beautimus floor.

I'll catch up on your summer shows for you because I'm a giver.

Darling dog. Looks like a Lucky Goober to me.

Andrea said...

I'm so thankful for my girls who love dance lessons cuz there's a bench in the air conditioning with my name (and butt imprint) on it!

Anonymous said...

the food is delicious!............................................................

New Every Morning said...

"I havecome to the realization that I, in fact, can not only go to sleep at night without first turning out a post and scheduling another, but that the world does not stop spinning and planets do not implode if I, for some reason, go a day or ten without reading other people's posts. It was a long hard road of many a late night before I reached such blogger maturity, but I'm so glad I've arrived."

Girl, I do believe we reached blogger puberty at the same time. This summer has been my "arrival" as well. It's a little freeing, once I got past the guilt factor. Luv you muchly, dear {honest} friend!!!