Random Highlights and Lowlights of the Past Lots of Hours

1.   I've been sleeping on the couch for 8 nights now.  The only place that the husband can sleep comfortably is in the recliner, and I don't like sleeping away from him, so the couch it is.  Before you go thinking I'm really syrupy sweet, I have made a habit of reminding him of my martyrdom daily.

2.   Due to a small, slight, minute, and rather minuscule miscalculation of the DVR, the husband missed the last 2 minutes of the Super Bowl last night.  It was totally my fault, and I spent an hour apologizing via text message from the bedroom that I had confined myself in after the unfortunate incidence totally an accident. 

3.  The husband went back to work today, and it was so very strange without him here at the house.  It's bizarre how quickly our normal and routine can change.  I spent a better part of last week trying to use my voodoo mind powers to shoo him on back to work early.  And I spent all of today wishing him home.  Weird.

4.  This weekend, two of the rascals came down with the mystery fever/sore throat/cough virus that seems to be floating around.  I have treated everyone like they had the plague and have prayed that I don't come down with it.  I'm the captain of this boat right now, and if I were to go down, we'd be sunk for sure.

5.  What about Christina Aguilera totally botching our Nation's sacred song during the Super Bowl?  Yikes.

6.  OH..and the Black Eyed Peas and their light show?  I needs me one of those light up suits.  That was some serious Boom Boom Pow.

7.  Speaking of singing or NOT singing, have you been watching American Idol?  What about those new judges?  I have had to eat some major crow, because I was one that talked so ugly about the passing of the torch from Simon to Stephen Tyler; Paula to JLo.  BUT.I'M.HOOKED.  They intrigue me to no end, and I have found myself not.even.missing.Simon.at.all.  Didn't think I would ever utter those words.

8.  It's supposed to snow.  Again.  In South Arkansas.  Go ahead, Northerners, scoff.  But we Southern Belles don't understand all of this frigidity.  It's ridiculously cold, and none of us own like-for-real winter garb.  The closest I have to a winter coat is a cutie army jacket from Old Navy that most people who live in snow infested places would wear as part of an outfit.  And I sent my boys out in the snow last Friday with WalMart sacks tied around their shoes..... Yep.  We be ghetto.

9.  I almost got blessed with a Skunk Spa package last night.  Since the husband is all crutched up, I've been promoted to Chief FireMaker.  Our wood pile by the fireplace was running low, so as I walked outside to gather a couple of more logs, I came face to tail with a little stinker.  I had already walked fully out of the door and shut the door behind me, so that made it all the more difficult to claw myself back into the house once I realized what I was staring down into.  The odor gods must have been smiling on me, because somehow I escaped unsprayed.  Although I have no idea how what with my heinous carrying on and screaming like a girl. 

I'm sure I could go on with this hot mess....but my brain is fried.  I'm in much need of interaction with other estrogen bearers, and since I can't seem to find any within any reasonable distance, I'm going to settle with a gLee marathon and a bowl of icecream.  One must improvise in a pinch.

Happy Monday, y'all...
And blessings on your head.


lisa@littlesliceoflife said...

Sleeping on the couch to be near the husband? That's...um....cute?

Skunk spa...snort and guffaw!

Jennifer said...

Your estrogen bearing besties needs some interaction with you, too!! ;)

Jim said...

Is your internet still down or is this the first of your regular "coming out party"? I do miss hearing, i.e., reading up on your rascally doings. I know I'm a fine one to talk, er, write such, but I'm trying to do better. By the by, did I ever tell you girls that for the first few years of our married life, I'd sleep on the couch whenever your mother was away for any overnight events? Love you, girl.


Christi said...

You always make me laugh out loud!

BTW...we be ghetto too...only with gallon sized Zip Lock baggies over the socks, (underneath the shoes or boots)...whichever we manage to dig up! :)

Have fun in the snow! I can't wait...I love being snowed in! :)


Bridget said...

Your post had me giggling...we're not equipped for the snow around here, either, so yeah, you do whatcha gotta do! When Michael's back hurts, he likes to sleep on the couch. I don't sleep so well when he's not nearby either, so I sleep in the recliner.

Elizabeth said...

You are a brave woman. And a better wife than me! I love having the bed to myself!

So, the sickness, the snow, etc. I'm so over it. And so ready for spring. Especially because I am coming to your neck of the woods THREE TIMES and I know at least one of them will include a visit with you. Right? Right!!! I'm thinking coffee, mani/pedis, and food. I need a girl's day.

theelizabethhighsmith said...

10. i love you and your hot mess ten gazzilion ways not the least of which, you are sweet and reinforce this fact to your husband, love it! and i love that you didn't end on ten and that you ended with ice cream and tv that a girl....glad you're back around these parts!

Mich said...

First of all, have you forgot your upbringing? Hot Tea is not just for oldies...although I guess I am getting up there in years. :)

Second, we have snow again too. We need to live closer so the kiddos can play.

Love ya!

Angie said...

Loved the half-time 'Peas',
Love the bag-on-the-shoe trick,
And I figure if something continues for two or more days, it counts as a norm.
Here's hoping you stay toasty and skunk free!