Smarts, Tresses, and a Big Case of the Upchucks

It's Trick or Treat day for us.

The day that I always dread, and then when it comes down to it, I get all kinds of excited because the kids are just so darn cute.

And in the days leading up to, I have especially been dreading this particular Halloween. 

And then the boys got their costumes.

And now I'm excited.

Because Keaton is going as this guy.....

He thought of it all on his own, and when he found the wig, he said, "Mom!  I can be one of my idols!"
Thrill this mama's heart.

Sawyer is channeling this dude.....

Well, not this guy in particular....he's just the feller on the package of the mullet wig.  He's actually more-so channeling our lovely neighbors.... *wink*


Only thing that worries me is that since we bought him his package of wife beaters last night, he has announced that they are his new favorite shirts.
I'm all about getting into character...but really?

And then there's Tate....

Who right at this minute is doing this....

Bless his baby heart, he started throwing up in the middle of the night, and he can't seem to quit. 

And he switches between periods of looking absolutely pitiful to periods of looking even more pitiful because he's crying about not getting to trick or treat tonight and wear all of this stuff.....

My sweet Marshal of Dodge City is out of commission.  And I'm so so very sad for him.

So...I've come up with a plan....and I'm only telling you all my plan so that you stay clear tonight if you see us....

If he can stop puking by 1:00, I'm taking him tonight to trick or treat.  We'll keep our bandanna up over our face and he'll wear his way cool chaps and marshal badge.  And then we'll come home.  
Because I CANNOT say no to this face...

....when he says, "All I wanted to do was dwess up and be a cowboy fo twick or tweeting."

You got it kid.  Stomach virus or no.

***NOTE:  I really am one of those moms that is considerate of the health of others around me.  I promise if you see us out tonight, we will not breathe on you, touch you, or even look in your direction.  Scout's honor.


theelizabethhighsmith said...

dear Lord in heaven, make it 1:30pm! amen

hope you guys are well!

Sami said...

Sometimes I get pictures of Einstein and Freud confused. My first thought was "why would he want to be Freud???" Then I realized he didn't and I'm silly. And, no snide remarks about Freud!!! And if you have a snide remark make sure you don't look at the Freud action figure in my office :)

Kendra said...

Just give him the candy and nobody gets the flu, right?

Is Arkadelphia celebrating early this year? We're still on for Sunday night, even churches are sponsoring Halloween things on Sunday night!

New Every Morning said...

Deaw Tate,
I am so sawwy that you awe sick. But even when you awe sick, you awe adowable. I hope you have a wootin' tootin' good time.
Lots of hugs,

PS: Tell your mom that those wife beater shirts and mullet should go nicely with the outfit your daddy showed up in a picture a while back. Arkansas pride, baby.

Bridget said...

I hope your little cowboy gets to go trick or treating tonight. Love the guys' costumes!!
Happy Halloween :)

Mich said...

He could come visit Auntie 'Chele and go to our Fall fest Sunday night.

Sorry he feels so bad.

What a week! Love ya!