I Got Nothing....So You're Getting This...You're Welcome

Apparently skepticism is alive and well.

There are people (who shall remain nameless....ahem!) that enjoy making snide remarks about my recent frequenting of the gym.

In an effort to clear my good name....and keep myself busy while on the exercise bike this morning....Rosie and I snapped a few pictures to prove our health club existence.

This is the inside of the gym.

See those treadmills? I've sweat on those.
See those white machine weights? I've attempted to do those.
See those elliptical machines? I've wanted to throw up on those.

This is what my bike was saying about me this morning.

And that is my Crystal Lite, since drinking plain water makes me want to hurl.

And this is Mrs. Nike. She's working hard pedaling away. Mr. Nike was also working, but didn't make the picture.

So....blaspheme away, you Judases.

I am now a gym rat. Who also did lunges today. And also some crazy exercise on some contraption on the burly man side of the gym.

Pass the cheese.


Carpoolqueen said...

Water makes me hurl, too. I wish it didn't. It tastes so much better with preservatives, caffeine, and added artificial vanilla.

mimi said...

I'm a believer! A very impressed believer.

I'm not a fan of water either. I like mine with iced tea and lemonade.

Stephanie @ My Answered Prayer said...

Ok Girls...It's time we give our friend some support NOT skepticism. She's there....she even went last night and then this morning....I'm impressed....she's even been eating salad. I knew I had wore off a little but this is a lot.

And Amber we are going to look pretty darn HOT this summer!

Lori Motl said...

Amber, my friend...I just don't know you anymore! I'm proud of you, though. Sometime when you aren't at the gym or climbing over furniture in the hall, let's hit Sonic!

Tiffani said...

I third the motion on hating water...ick. I'll even add a splash of orange juice or kool-aid just to add a teency bit of flavor.

I'm so proud of you and I keep BEGGING myself to get The Shred or something...I'm inspired!

You were pedalicious, Junie B.!

Jennifer said...

I know you're there because I was there with you this morning doing LUNGES...AND was on the burly man side of the gym too!! So take that all you naysayer Judas people!!!

Does your booty hurt like mine does!?!? Ouch!!

Crystal Light makes everything better!! And so do friends that do lunges with you!! And friends that don't take pictures of their friends booty when they are on the treadmill!! :)

Michele said...

I agree with Stephanie, you are going to be one HOT mama this summer!! . . . and an added bonus you'll be healthier. I am very, very proud of you!!! *Tear* Big cyber hug to you!!

I drink TONS of water so it gets yucko after a while. . . I add lemon juice to mine.

Keep up the hard work. I'm so glad you caved to the peer pressure!!

Gretchen said...

Even my kids "need" Crystal Light. Wha's up with that? Why when I was a child...when I was a child we only had red or purple Kool Aid. The staining variety. With lots of sugar. And water.

Good for you. Nevah doubted your fortitude for a moment.

One day, we may actually like exercise. I'm not holding my breath, for fear of turning blue, but there's always hope. xxxooo

lisa@littlesliceoflife said...

Who are you and what have you done with my enabler-friend Amber?!

I like water. Crystal Light makes me gag.

I do not like gyms. Gyms also make me gag.