Boy TV

Ugh. Boy TV.

Thanks to this funky virus that has decided to hold my family hostage, my husband is down for the count. He has moved from the couch to his chair to the bed and back again...and this is the extent of his gettin' around for the day. And just as I suspected, I have had to hand the remote over. My Saturday remote. To a boy.

Thanks for nothin', funky virus.

Saturdays are my days. My days to clean the house at my own pace, listen to my own music, and watch what I want to on TV. Because my husband gets cabin fever in like 3.6 seconds. So, rain or shine, freezing or roasting...he's outside. And I usually push the kids out the door with him. And lock it behind them.

Then I light candles, blare me some Britney Spears or Lady GaGa (don't judge me!), and dance my way through the laundry. And then when I get tired (which only takes about 3.6 seconds), I plop down and watch Stacy London and Clinton Kelly work their magic on some poor frumpy soul....and I dream it is me.

And this is how I spend my Saturdays.

Until today.

Because the giant is infected. And he has hijacked my day.

So I've had to endure a Star Wars movie, a Lord of the Rings marathon (those are like 4 hours long...each!), and lots of Man Vs. Wild and Dirty Jobs. And I can tell you that none of those shows give me my mojo.

Good thing I was able to stay in my jammies all day.

Or else I'd really be grouchy.



lisa@littlesliceoflife said...

Puh-puh-puh-poker face, puh-poker face!

I won't judge you if you won't judge me.

Stephanie @ My Answered Prayer said...

Come on girls...we've got a yard sale in 2 weeks...Got to get the mojo going!!!! I've priced 2 boxes today. And cleaned out my car...yes you heard me....I cleaned out my car. Ok so that's all i've done so who am I to judge!!!!!!!!!!!!

Libby said...

gotta love em =]

thanks for keeping up with my blog!

Mich said...

Since you know my hubby really well, you know that I totally mean this..."I SO UNDERSTAND!!!"

Hope that brother-in-law of mine gets tired of the television set and his chair real soon! (I hope he feels better too! :) )

Love ya!

Kendra said...

For paybacks they must let you out for a girl's weekend of Matthew McConaughey, shopping, and a pedicure. It's only fair.

Jim said...

Speaking for guys, I guess, though I am torn because, as you put it, I heart you, I must sympathize with the giant in the recliner. Infections may reduce a giant to a little boy, but the giant is still inside - and must be fed what a giant likes. Sorry. I hope his down time is short. This, too, will pass.
I still heart you.

Christi said...

I'm just impressed that you usually clean house on Saturdays...I usually watch mine go down the drain all weekend, only to have to dig out on Monday! :)

And I hate it when the boys take over the remote too...at our house it usually ends up on Man vs. Wild!

Ricardo said...

Oh my goodness. My hubby LOVES Man vs. Wild and Dirty Jobs. I so don't get it.

And I dearly miss watching Clinton and Stacy - that was one of my all time fave shows back before we relinquished our beloved cable TV.

Elizabeth said...

I probably shouldn't say this b/c I have a husband and a son, but I hate boy t.v. Hate it! The worst is Bizarre Foods. Makes me almost throw up every time.

Tiffani said...

Boy TV, indeed. Ick.

Now, I feel the need (on a sunday morning even) to go listen to Lady GaGa...

Sorry the Virus hijacked your weekend...here's to shooing that V-bug on its way!!

Lori Motl said...

I am so feelin' your pain. Especially on the Lord of the Rings! Casey LOVES those. They are forever long...and there are so many of them! I hope he gets better soon and gets outside so you can lock up and blare Brittany!

Ginger@From The Cocoon said...

catching up on blog reading...

I can so sympathize! My hubs is coming down with something and he's so whiny when he's sick...and yes I have to endure Man vs. Wild and Deadliest Catch..those are his faves...