Book Review -- Rachel's Tears

The story of the school shootings at Columbine has always haunted me. I can remember watching the news horrified at the tragedy that happened within the walls and halls of that high school. I remember hearing about the bravery of many of the students that were killed or injured that fateful day and being especially intrigued with a young lady named Rachel Scott. Her devotion and dedication to the Lord was evident to her friends, family, classmates, and to her attackers. Rachel’s parents open up about their courageous daughter in Rachel’s Tears.

Rachel’s parents each detail out the events of their daughter’s life and the months and days leading up to the tragedy. Their viewpoints are different on a variety of the subjects, which is interesting. The book is also made up largely of excerpts from Rachel’s private journals and diaries, found after the shooting. Many of her entries are prophetic in nature, which is fascinating. Her poetry, thoughts, and letters to God are also included.

Rachel’s Tears is not a newsreel of the events of that day. Though some details are shared, the focus is on Rachel and her story. Her relationship with God is inspiring, and her dedication remarkable.