Ceiling Fans, Blackeyed Peas, and Cannons

Family. I love family. I don't always like the long drives to get to the family, but I love it when I get there. We came up Friday night to Kentucky to visit my parents for the long weekend. My dad retires in December and they will be moving, so they had a few handy-man projects for Kirk to work on before putting the house on the market. Plus, we just wanted to see them, so we came.

I think I already mentioned that we didn't roll into their driveway until super-late Friday night, so that day was shot except for some late-night visiting. We woke up early Saturday morning so that the guys could get busy on the house. This house that they live in has never had overhead lights, except for in the bathrooms and the kitchen. So for the five years that they've lived here, they've been dependent on lamp light...nice ambiance, but very dark. I actually prefer cavelife, so I was perfectly fine with it. But, with them looking to sell the house, they decided that overhead lights would probably help the sell of the home, so they enlisted Kirk to help install ceiling fan/lights in all the rooms. Whew. Big job. They got up, headed to Lowes for supplies, and worked until dinner time. After a lot of trips up into a very hot attic (I just heard about it....I wasn't going up there for anything!) and a few pounds of sweat later, the lights were up, and now the house is very bright. I had to turn the new lights out, they were hurting my eyes!!!! Their house looks totally different now.

While the guys were illuminating the house, Mom and I took the boys to Chuck E. Cheese. I thought we were going bowling, but I was informed by Tate that Chuck E. Cheese was the "more funner place." So, the kids won. We spent $25 dollars for coins that allowed us to walk out of the door with 2 fantastic wristbands, 2 squishy spiders, 1 broken spinning top, 2 suckers, and 3 Airheads. I refused to eat the pizza there, so made out well by getting to eat at Steak-n-Shake. I love their milkshakes so much, and the bacon cheeseburger wasn't too shabby either...and the cheese fries. Oh. Be still my heart.

We were lazy last night which suited me just fine. We watched a lot of Fox News, loving the coverage of McCain and Palin. So excited about that. Although our moments of jubilee over the ticket news were shadowed by all the coverage on Gustav. So praying that our neighbors on the Gulf Coast don't have to relive the horror of Katrina. So scary.

Today my dad was at a small church about an hour or so away doing one of his drama presentations. My mom and dad have a ministry called Living Portraits in which they dress up in costumes and portray various historical figures. They've been doing it for several years (Dad is reading over my shoulder and says, "12 years almost") and have a host of characters that they recreate. Anyway, dad was all souped up in full costume for his presentation and asked if we would join him.

Dad was on the program at 1:30, and there was a lunch beforehand. We got there in time to eat good ole' backwoods Kentucky cookin'. I was especially fond of the blackeyed peas; Kirk said the chicken-n-dumplins' were slurpalicious. After gorging ourselves on homemade goodness, we headed up to the service for dad's thing.

We had some good ole' singin' and then dad was up. He did a good job. Although I think he always does a good job, and I'm not just saying that because he's reading this as I type it. LOL! Kirk fell asleep during his presentation though....not good son-in-law stuff. He's blaming it on the ceiling fan projects from yesterday....yah, okay. Me? I was stuck trying to keep the children contained in the pew. We traced our hands, drew family portraits, and talked about how thirsty we were (well, them, not me).

After Dad finished up, we loaded up in the car and went to a Civil War park that my parents often do portrayals at. It overlooks the Mississippi River and has some cool cannons and other Civil War historical stuff. It was really nice. We got some good pictures of the grandparents with the kids, and let the kids climb around on the cannons for a bit.
My parents with Keaton, Sawyer, and Tate

My dad (Poohpa) with Sawyer and Keaton

My mom (Grammy) with Tate
The boys crawling on a cannon

Because we were super-hot and super-tired we headed back for home. So, here we are. Mom just made cheeseburgers (yum!) and the guys are vegged out in front of the TV ("Dirty Jobs" marathon, I think). My dad and Kirk are getting ready to take the boys to the new Star Wars movie that is out, and that will mean that Mom and I get control of the remote. It's the little things that excite me!

We are having a great time with the family. I'm dreading the drive home tomorrow. Yuck. I hate wasting days in the car. I'd rather stay here and just be with my parents.


Anticipating Demon-Child Mode

Last night Kirk and I rolled into the town where my parents live in Kentucky. Slid into the driveway at around 11:30. You know the drill. The kids had slept since around 8:00 in the car, so when we got to Grammy and Poohpa's, they had gotten their second wind. So, we stayed up until about 12:30, visiting and watching my dad demonstrate his new martial art moves he learned (that's a whole other conversation....darn, I should have taken pictures....maybe I can get him to do it again!). After that, everyone headed to bed. Most everyone went to sleep. Notice I said "most." Dad and I were in our respective rooms reading, everyone else was snoozing...except for TATE! He stayed up until at least 1:15 or 1:30 just a jabberin'. Oh my goodness. I finally shut the light off and went to sleep, with him still a yakking. Who knows? He might of stayed up all night, because....

This morning Tate was up around 6:00. At least that is when I heard him. He was so perky and chipper and rarin' to go. What in the world?!!?

He's going to crash later and make my life miserable. You know it's going to happen. I can feel it. We are going to have a major meltdown.

My dad and Kirk are working on some handy-man projects around the house today, so Mom and I had already decided to take the kids to do something today to get them out of the guys' hair (well, my dad doesn't have much, but you know what I mean! LOL!). So, while we are out bowling and slurping up milkshakes, Tate is going to become a demon-child. There might actually be head-spinning action and foaming at the mouth...I can feel it coming on.

Fantastic. Gotta love a kid who thinks he needs zero sleep but whose mama begs to differ!


Give Him Back!

Alright, who stole my genie and my magic lamp?

I need it back....pronto.

I have 3 wishes that I need granted, and I can't find it anywhere.

Just in case you are in possession of my genie, let him know that I need:

  1. All my laundry done by bedtime. I don't feel like staying up late tonight, but apparently my family feels like they need things like clean underwear and socks....ugh, they can be so demanding sometimes!
  2. All the suitcases packed by bedtime with the clean undies and socks inside. I don't feel like staying up waiting on the dryer to buzz just so that I can pack a SpiderMan bag with SpongeBob under-roos.
  3. A really fast trip to Kentucky tomorrow. The drive to Grammy and Poohpa's is long enough without having two parents (who are grouchy from working all day) confined in a small enclosed space with three also grouchy (from being at school all day) kiddos. And I have a feeling that no amount of Sour Straws and Bug Juice is going to help this trip!

So, with our Labor Day trip to my parents' house fast approaching and with me having done NOTHING in preparation for it.....

I really need that lamp. Please give him back.


Acid Wash and Neon Splatter Paint

So after my post yesterday where I was spouting off about all the new high school clothing trends that I've been witnessing, I started reminiscing a bit. My dad and my friend Alison also got me thinking when they commented on my blog.

As much as I cringe at the newest styles cruisin' the halls, I had my fair share of hideous fashion mishaps in my day. Boy, I thought I was something though....

Here are the few things that I remember wearing so wrongly (some of these were shared by Alison, but I so totally did them, too):

  • I had LA Gear hightops. They were hot pink and black. So smokin'.
  • With these "rad" hightops I wore at least 3 pair of different colored socks. I layered them. Oh, yes, I did. But, it gets better. I alternated the pattern on each foot. Magnificent.
  • I tight rolled my jeans. That is incredibly unattractive. Even more unattractive when you add all the socks.
  • I had a couple of pair of suck-tight acid washed jeans. The really, really ugly acid wash...not that any acid wash is okay.
  • I actually wore stirrup pants. With ballet flats.
  • I went through a phase of wearing sweatshirts in 100 degree weather? Why?
  • I owned Jams. I even made my own pair in a Home Ec. class and wore them to school.
  • Remember the MC Hammer pants? I didn't own any, but I thought the kids who did were so amazingly "tubular."
  • I had a really cool side pony-tail with really cool puff ball bangs.
  • I had various pieces of clothing that were splattered painted with neon colors....I purchased them this way. They kind of looked like retro Sherwin Williams threw up on me.
  • I used a banana clip in my hair on a regular basis....yikes.
  • I owned several pants and skirts with those goofy suspenders. So ugly.
  • With the goofy suspenders, I would usually wear a baggy white shirt....complete with shoulder pads! Wow. Shoulder pads. Not much else to say about those.
  • Lots and lots of lacy skirts. Mounds of lace packed onto one mini-skirt. Nothing cute about that.
  • I did have a couple of FlashDance inspired sweatshirts. I never danced and I never worked out...but apparently I would have looked good had I wanted to!
  • I never did have a pair of leg warmers, but I was so jealous of people who did.
  • I begged my sweet Granny to buy me a Newspaper print sweater. She did and I wore it all the time. The only thing good about that sweater is whose money purchased it....otherwise a totally bad investment. Ugh. I can still see it in my mind. Hideous.
  • I mentioned the puff ball bangs. Before the age of cotton candy hair, I did go through a rather disturbing phase of slicking my hair down with hairspray. So gross. My precious sister seems to only remember this portion of my history (she loves to bring it up.) Thanks Mich.
  • Although I was super fond of my hightops and the mountainous volume of socks, I also had an infatuation with deck shoes. Remember those? I think I saw someone the other day wearing a pair (hooray for fashion comebacks), but back in the day I thought they were awesome. What was even awesome-er was to have them in different colors. Wear them with no socks and tight rolled jeans....fabulous.
  • I used to tie my shirts on the side with a clip or pony tail holder. Not sure what the purpose in that was. Huh.
  • Remember silk shirts? Pair one with the acid jeans and deck shoes and you really had a fabulous ensemble.

I could sit here all day and rehash all my terrible wardrobe choices through the years. I sometimes wonder why my mother let me go out of the house looking the way I did. I am so glad that I don't have a scanner at my house, or I would feel obligated to insert some pictures of the good ole' days. (Dad and Michele, don't even think about it! I have plenty of ammunition to fire back!)

So, you've giggled your way through this post....you know it is only because you looked just like me and you're remembering what you've tried so hard to forget!! :)

Still can't get the acid wash and neon splatter paint out of my head....probably will dream of that tonight. Scary.


Teenager Watching

I love people watching. One of my favorite pastimes. Seriously....I could fill several hours just watching people go about their own business while I do nothing about minding my own.

So I've decided that I'm in the right profession right now. So much of my days of my new job are spent sitting in various locations around the high school doing just that...sitting. So I have lots of time to watch.

This is what I've noticed....

  • there are way too many SCARY shirts being sported by teenagers these days. All the skulls and bloody letters are a little too horror movie-ish for me. Note to self...never purchase a shirt that involves a scary skeleton part....even if it is for a 13 year old kid "just trying to express himself." Gross.
  • girls don't really care what they look like. This fascinates me because I remember only thinking about what I looked like in high school. I can probably count on one hand the girls at that school that even take any interest in their appearance. The rest are not in the least concerned that they are wearing basketball shorts with a lacy cardigan sweater only because they were too lazy to put their jeans back on after gym class. I don't get it. More power to 'em, I guess. But, I just want to shake them and say, "At least leave your tee-shirt on....you can't go half-way....so not attractive."
  • I want to cut half of the boys' hair at school. Either that or brush it out of their eyes. Now I sound like my mother, but good grief....
  • name brands are everything. Not that that is a news flash, but I have seen more Aeropostale, American Eagle, and Hollister these past couple of days than I have in a trip to the mall. These kids are walking billboards....too bad their parents aren't getting paid for their advertising services.
  • boys still think that "bustin' a sag" is a good thing. Uh, not so much. No one wants to see your Aeropostale, American Eagle, or Hollister undies, buddy....really, we don't....
  • lots of kids like to dye their hair....in very interesting ways. The new thing with girls dyeing the top of their (very long) hair blond and the underneath and edges pitch black is still puzzling me. I find myself mulling that one over often.... It looks really "interesting" when they pull their hair up in a ponytail...

I should stop. I sound so judgemental. No, maybe I just sound OLD. I'm probably one of the youngest people employed at the high school and I've joined the crowd of fuddy-duddies.

There are things that I do like....really. Hard to believe, but there are.

  • I really like that everyone wears flip-flops. If I could, I would, too!
  • I like to look at all the fun nail polish colors that float through the halls.
  • I like that the girls are wearing long basketball shorts for gym and not the cut-up-to-forever teeny-tiny shorts that some also insist on rolling the waistband down on, too. It makes me happy that they are covering themselves up! (Even if they do wear the b-ball shorts with really cute shirts....still confused about that.)
  • I like the really sarcastic sassy shirts that some of the kids wear. They make me laugh. Some of them are naughty and I don't like those, but if I see one of those shirts coming, I just gotta read it. I just gotta.

See....I found some positives!

Love my people watching! Actually, it is one of the things that I love most about this job. I get to spend so much time just observing these kids go about their days. I'm learning their names and who their friends are. I know what they eat for lunch and who they eat with. I know who saves their homework for the last minute and I know who passes notes in class. I know who they have crushes on and who's going out with who....all from just watching. LOVE IT! Looking forward to more watching tomorrow!! :)

If I've offended you....so sorry. If I sound super-superficial....I kinda am. If you are one of these kid's parents....I probably could give you the scoop!


Monday Madness....Minimal Griping Involved

What a day.

I think I've been up way too long. The alarm went off at 4:30 this morning. I hit the snooze button 'till 5:15. Had a good visit with Jesus then moved on to ironing clothes and writing the check for lunch money. That it costs over $20 for 3 of us (don't have to pay for Tate) to eat in the cafeteria for a week is insanity to me. I only pay because I like to order the loaded baked potato everyday, and I didn't even count a couple of days for Keaton because he won't eat stuff like chicken spaghetti or hoagie sandwiches....but, seriously, over $20 for school food? Highway robbery.

After a rather easy morning of getting ready, we were all in the car and on our way to school. We actually were on time today. I drove the speed limit and everything. Shocking.

Had a really good day at school letting other people be in control. (If you missed my previous blog post, you missed my epiphany on trying to not be so control-freakish). It went amazingly well and I was just happier today, because I had made up my mind to let all my issues go. I still am bored out of my mind in Civics, but I'm just going to have to suck that up and be big about it...that's not going to change I don't think!

We cut out of school a bit earlier than usual so that we could head to the Health Department to get my TB skin test for my new job. After waiting for about 30 minutes in a waiting room that smelled like a hospital, I was taken back and had the test done. I would rather they just give me a shot in the arm than have to sit there and have that stuff VERY SLOWLY pushed into my arm. Hate it. Then I got the lovely news that since it had been so long since I'd had a test done, I get to come back in 2 weeks and get another one. Lucky me.

Then it was on to Wal-Mart. I hate Wal-Mart. I especially hate it when it is back-to-college time for all the students in our tiny town. It was packed with kids buying everything from tiny refrigerators to notebooks to Ramen noodles to ironing boards. All I needed was milk and Pull-Ups. It took me 45 minutes to get out of there. It would have been quicker had I gone and milked my own cow.

After we finally got home, I found out Kirk was working late, which means dinner was late. That always seems to mess up my whole evening routine, because it puts me doing dishes at bedtime. I want to be snoozing, not scrubbing.

Now Kirk is tutoring Pre-Calculus in the dining room and the boys and I are piled in my bed having a slumber party. We're watching a movie and I'm getting ready to leaf through a magazine. I'm sure that there will be some snuggling involved! Perfect end to a pretty good day.

Hope tomorrow is just as good....minus the lunch money check, the TB test, and Wal-Mart!


Gotcha, God...Lesson Learned

Call me "The Great Pretender." Or maybe it is "The Great Fooler."

Apparently there is something about me that leads people to believe that I'm nothing but sugar and spice and everything nice. If I had a quarter for every time I've heard stuff like, "You look so sweet" and "You're just the sweetest," then I'd be a very wealthy "sweet" person.

Now I'm not going to say that I don't enjoy those compliments or that I'm not entirely sweet, I just have to swallow a giggle or two back when I hear things like that. Because (and all you have to do is ask my husband to confirm it) I'm nothing but a control freak. I'm really a closet freak, but still a freak.

I'm not one to run around barking orders or to wear all of my disapprovals on my sleeve, but my insides churn when things don't go my way or when I can't be the one in charge. Not that I want to be the leader; I don't. I just want the leader to do it my way. (Wow, as I look at what I just typed, it looks more like I'm a psychopath masquerading as a control freak...possible therapy needed.)

Well, God has decided that it's time to teach me a thing or two about being in control...basically, that I don't get to be! See, I've taken this new job as a teacher's aide. I have known from Day 1 that this whole entire process of changing schools and taking a new job was God led. I didn't necessarily understand it, but knew that it was completely and 100% His Will. Although I'm sure that there are a host of other reasons why God has led us to this place, I know one of them...it is to teach me to relinquish control.

Relinquish control....big words....I learned them this morning in my devotional. Prefect God-ordained timing.

See, I've really struggled this week. I've spent the week an exhausted mess, blaming a lot of my haphazard emotions on new job stress and new-kid-on-the-block growing pains. All the while knowing exactly why I was coming home feeling "blah." It was because I wasn't in control. It is so hard to go from being in total control of your own classroom (which I've had for longer than my kids have been alive) to doing things someone else's way. I love the classroom teacher that I'm with, but she just does things differently than me. She has a different teaching style and a different outlook on things. Not that hers is bad. It's just not mine. So, I've been confined to teaching things that she gives me her way. I've been given responsibilities, but I have to do them someone else's way. And I have wanted to scream all week. Please don't take it wrong. I love my new school. I love my new job. I love the people. But, I have had the hardest time not being able to do things the way that I would do them.

This weekend I found myself arguing with the Lord. It went something like this:

"God, you know my gifts. You know my personality. Why did you put me here where I feel like I can't even be myself."
"God, please put me somewhere where I feel like I can do things my way."
"Hello. God. I can't make it through this year if I can't do things the way I like to do them. It is too hard for me."
More Silence.

The silence was really beginning to irritate me because it only pointed to the clock that was ticking away the seconds to Monday morning when I would have to go to school and not be in control...again. I cried a little and hollered a lot. Only to come to my own conclusion...I can't do it. I would be miserable if I had to stay in this position all year. My nerves wouldn't be able to take it. Thoughts of quitting were running through my mind.

Then comes Sunday Morning.

I woke up early this morning and grabbed my Bible for a few minutes of devotion before beginning the hurried rush of getting ready for church. There was a devotional book on the shelf that I hadn't read out of in, literally, years. It was God that made me grab that book this morning instead of my normal book that I study from. The book was marked with a book mark from the last time I had read from it, so I decided to just start from there...what I found was a
total God thing.

The author wrote through a bit of humor and some quaint little anecdotes about relinquishing control. That we should be willing to "give more" and "demand less." I chuckled in the direction of Heaven as I read, shaking my head while whispering to God, "Okay, I'm listening." The author ended with a few notes that left me on my face in prayer begging the Lord for forgiveness and the ability to change. This is what it said:

"May we be enabled to do more letting go and less holding on. May we simply yield to the Lord's sweet spirit of generosity and in so doing relinquish the part of us that fears not being in control. May we allow the Lord to take the reins from our grasping grip and teach us to rest in the release."

So, I've decided to let it go. I'm in a teachable period of my life right now, and instead of sulling up and pouting about not getting my way, I'm going to try with all my might to let go and allow myself to be taught. I don't have to be in control. I can let other people have good ideas and try them out without huffing and puffing under my breath.

I'm looking at Monday now as a new day. Hoping that God blesses me with the grace to make it through the day with a good attitude.

So although I don't know all of the reasons that God has led my family into this new chapter of our lifestory, I do know one. And it is that He couldn't' teach me this particular lesson without getting me out of my comfort zone.

I'm just hoping that I can learn the lesson fast enough that He will put me back where I'm comfy really soon!


I'm Zombie Mush

I feel like I could sleep for days. I'm so exhausted. The first week of school is always so tiring.
I've also had this crazy stomach thing going on which has left me unable to eat anything for a week....I was doing pretty well living off the energy of meeting new people and starting a new job until about, let's see, Thursday. Since then, I've been nothing but a pile of mush.

I came home Thursday night from school and catnapped until bedtime. Didn't do the dishes or anything. Too tired. My sweet husband had bath time and bedtime taken care of before I could even open my eyes to pretend like I was going to get up and do it myself.

I zombied my way through school yesterday wanting so badly to sleep through class...but, I didn't want to get a pink slip!! :) I came home last night thinking that I had been blessed with a second burst of energy...not so much. One look at my bed, and I crashed again. I watched the Olympics with one eye open and zero attention span. Bless his heart, sweet husband was back to the rescue and he took care of the kids last night. Me? I got up to put on my jammies and crawled back into bed.

So this morning, on a Saturday, I woke up at 6:30 -- so not fair. But, we're going to go to Cracker Barrel for breakfast (my favorite and I now that I can eat again, I am craving pancakes!!) and then the boys have a birthday party. After the party, I'm coming home to nap, nap, nap....hoping that I won't be worthless again tonight.

So hoping that next week I can get back on schedule and back into routine...

My dad has a philosophy that no one should "work for the weekend," because we should be working to do our best everyday in the place that God has placed us, not working to get away from our calling. I agree with that, and am trying hard to live by that principle, but, for this week....I WAS DEFINITELY WORKING FOR THE WEEKEND....not because I wanted the job to end, but because....

I just want to sleep!!!!!!!!! :)


Complete Randomness....

  1. I woke up late this morning and couldn't find anything to wear. I finally settled on a pair of capris that I've had for awhile. I don't really like them, but they matched the shirt I wanted to wear and they are white. I thought I better get them in before Labor Day or it would be all over until next year for that pair of britches. Turns out, they don't really fit so I had to hike them up all day. Bummer. Won't wear those again.
  2. Got to school late (because of the whole getting up late debate with the white capris). Great. Amazing responsibility for the 3rd day of a new job.
  3. Had to sit through high school classes (that's my job...to take my special friend to all her classes). Ugh. I've already been through high school...Biology is still as boring to me now as it was then. And why is it that I am finding myself giggling like a school-girl (or really boy) when the teacher does something like drop her pen or call someone by the wrong name? Heavens...by March I'll be passing notes in class and sticking my gum under the desk.
  4. Keaton had a good day...apparently they changed desks today, so now he is sitting with new friends. Loving his smile everyday after school...proof we're going to make it.
  5. Sawyer still loves the cafeteria. The way to Saw's heart is through his stomach....so right about now we are LOVING our new school. Tomorrow, on meatloaf day, we may hate it.
  6. Tate is still singing the bumblebee song. But today they added a new song to the preK repertoire....something like this, "Don't pick your nose. Don't eat your boogers." No kidding. I guess that is an important life-skill. I'm just waiting for him to sing it to the old man in Wal-Mart....the day is coming....you know it is....
  7. Had to go to Wal-Mart after school (Tate didn't sing the booger song to anyone... Hooray!). I despise Wal-Mart. But I really despise Wal-Mart after school with 3 cranky boys. It seemed like today's trip was filled with a whole lot more "He touched me"s and "I want that"s than usual. So after threatening to take away Happy Meal toys and Freak privileges, we finally made it home (one less Star Wars bobblehead, mind you). Ugh....did I mention that I despise Wal-Mart...well, I do.
  8. We had some friends coming over to use The Freak so I was able to visit for a little bit with my friend while the menfolk did their thing. I think Kirk and I horrified them with our 3 legged dog....so sorry, S & E. Please don't hate us because we're redneck.
  9. Kirk had to help one of our friend's sons with his Pre-Cal homework in our dining room tonight. So while they were being all brainy, the boys and I headed to our room to watch a movie before bed. So, here we are. They're watching their show and I'm just a-bloggin'.

Sorry for the complete randomness. It was just one of those days...nothing profound rattling around in the brain today....

Wonder what I should wear tomorrow.....


Second Day of School...Everyone's Still Breathing!

We're off to a great start! If the next 9 months go as well as the first 2 days...we are good to go!

The boys had another fantastic day. They did all kinds of fun stuff. I would detail it out for you, but they were all excitedly chattering at the same time after school today, that I'm not really sure who did what. I do know that Sawyer's class went to the Library and got 2 marbles in the marble jar for being good. Big stuff. Keaton was all pumped about making bookmarks with a friend named Luke. He's excited about the bookmarks; I'm excited about him making a friend! And Tate is still singing the bumblebee song. His little note did say that he ate all his corn-puppies and took a nap at rest time! More big stuff.

Me? I had a really easy day. The little girl that I hang out with all day wasn't there today, so I ran errands, made a bulletin board, and walked the halls. Can't complain about being exhausted tonight (even though I am...I can't...it just wouldn't be right!). I did have to do my first lunch duty today. Honestly I was dreading it...but it was no sweat, although I did get the run-down on what to do if a fight breaks out. Yikes! Scary! Hoping that the kids spare me a panic attack and just behave when I'm around!!

I guess we're going to make it....

We're all really liking it here! :)


First Day of School

Get me a tissue...

I feel like I can finally cry...I haven't had time all day. My babies started school today -- at a new school! This is a horrible thing for a mother to have to endure. All the first morning jitters that every kid has, mixed with new kid stuff, mixed with a highly emotional mom who was a nervous wreck about starting her new job, too.....Terrible! For me, not the kids.

The kids did great. Me? Not so much. My new job is going to be fine. My job as mama hen today was nauseating.

I was just so nervous for them. Will they make a friend? Will Keaton's teacher let him write in cursive (seriously, we've been worried about it)? Will Tate bite somebody? Will Sawyer karate kick a kid on the playground and get suspended on the first day? Terrible, I tell ya, terrible.

So, after dropping off my nervous sweeties this morning, with their new tennis shoes and gigantic eyes, I cruised over to my room at the high school. I spent the entire morning gazing at the elementary school every time I got the chance (as if I could hear or see something from there...still I kept looking). At lunch, I was able to sneak over to the elementary with another teacher who is also a first-timer and check on the kids. Of course everyone was fine and dandy (from what we could see through the sliver of a window in the door).

Then the much anticipated time of 3:15 came around. I saw my babies and heard the glorious words from all 3 (yes, we were 3 for 3), "I love it here, Mom! I love my new school!"

Praise the Lord! What an answer to prayer. I will be able to sleep tonight and make it through the day much easier tomorrow knowing that we're going to make it and that everyone is okay. Whew! Huge relief pumping through my veins right now!

So, Keaton loved that he was given a chapter book for homework and he was to have it read in a couple of weeks....umm, he finished it tonight. So, he is loving that he gets to prance in and tell his teacher that tomorrow! I'm searching out the nearest chapter location of Over-Achievers Anonymous as soon as I finish this post.

Sawyer liked recess and the chicken nuggets in the cafeteria. Both critical items for a successful day.

Tate liked the toys and the bumblebee song that he learned. From what I've heard of it, it would have been entertaining to be a fly in the wall in his room to watch his teacher do the motions that he does for the song! Hee Hee! :)

I'm so thankful that we are off and running...to a very great start!


The Freak

We have a new family member. It isn't alive...but, it is a big part of the family because so much time, money, effort, and fun has gone into "raising" it. Now that it is in officially up-and-kickin'....may I introduce...


Yay...that's a batting cage...in my backyard. And what? Did I say, "The Freak"? Why, yes, I did. Lovely name for our new bundle of joy don't you think?

"The Freak" came to join us out of a crazy, scatterbrained lapse of normal human thinking on Kirk's part. It all happened so fast. I still remember the exact spot where I was when I got the phone call from my husband informing me of our new addition (I was sunning myself at the WaterPark -- I even know the exact deck chair I was in, which bathing suit I was wearing, and who I was with). He called and told me that he had purchased a "net." A huge net, mind you.

After the net...everything else was a whirlwind. We had a pitching machine by the end of week...which Kirk claims was a gift from God since he just had to go pick it up in Texarkana instead of paying the $1000 shipping it would have cost to buy one from anywhere else. Okay, I agree...gift from God (I'm convinced He also loves baseball!). After the pitching machine, there was dirt hauled in, dirt leveled (yuck...many, many blisters from that job), surfacing out the bottom of the cage, placing poles, pouring concrete, hanging the net, and the list goes on and on...

Did I mention the granules? No? Well, let me just tell you...Kirk decided to use these teeny-tiny little granules (something from work -- don't really know what they are) to fill in the whole bottom of the cage. They look nice and they keep the balls from bouncing like crazy. Anyway, they come in one ton bags from his work, so he made 12 trips back and forth to town (remember...we live 20 minutes out) hauling those bags. Then he and the boys would have to rip open the bags and rake/shovel them out into the cage. Crazy. So there are 12 tons of little tiny granules in my backyard. No, I take that back...now there are probably 11 tons out there, because the other ton has made its way into my house. UGH! Everyday I say, "Kirk, I love your batting cage, but I hate your granules." It has become our new term of endearment. So romantic.

So, aside from the granules and the minor insanity that has ensued on our household over the past couple of months...The Freak is up and running and I really am enjoying it. The boys are completely infatuated with the thing and Kirk? well, Kirk is like a kid at Christmas. He walks around the house with a starry-eyed gaze saying things like, "I love my batting cage," and "Look what we have!"

You may be wondering why exactly we have a batting cage. ME TOO! Aside from Kirk having a mid-mid-life crisis, I'm not really sure. Something was said about hoping the boys could get better at baseball....hmmmm...I think it was really Kirk just wanting a batting cage!!! :)

That's Sawyer (no shirt and all) swingin' away! Fun right?


Ready for Monday...

So, I made it through my first official day of work and Open House last night....all while I struggled to not pass out on the floor.

Wednesday night I did not sleep 1 second. I know because I watched the clock all night. I was so sick. Plus I was nervously anticipating my first day on Thursday, so needless to say, I was a train wreck when morning rolled around. I needed to have the kids at my friend Leanne's house early early that morning, in order to get to work by 8. Bless her heart for waking up that early to keep the rowdy Goodrums...I'm forever indebted to that family anyway!!

I guess about now is where I insert the details of my new job! I'm going to spare you the long details of the process, just so that you aren't sitting here for ages. So, long story short, Kirk and I felt totally and completely 100% led by the Lord to start a new school year at a new school. The boys and I both are at a great little school district outside of Arkadelphia. I'm working in the Special Ed. department at the High School with a great young lady (I met her last night!) who needs extra help getting through the school day. She already had me laughing out loud last night, so I'm really looking forward to spending my days with her! I also get to work with an amazing Godly woman who is the classroom teacher, so I'm already thrilled about going to work everyday!

So, yesterday I was to be at the school for in-service meetings and workday, and even though I felt like I'd be involved in a 30 car pile-up, it was really great meeting all the teachers and the other people that I'm going to be working with. Everyone is so nice there...it already felt like family. Such an answer to prayer.

I picked up my little men around 4:30 (so sorry, Leanne!) and ended up staying and chatting 'till a little after 5:00. We had to zoom home, get cleaned up and back in the car by 5:30 to make it to Open House on time. Sometimes I hate living so far away from EVERYTHING!!!

But, miraculously, we made it. We went to Tate's room first. He is going to the Pre-K class at the school and he has the best teachers. I had met his teacher yesterday during the meetings, so I already knew he would love her. And the aide that works in there actually was in a Bible Study with me years ago, so I feel totally comfortable about him being there. Today all he can talk about is the tree house in his room (no kidding!) and all the "toes" (that's "toys" in Tate-land). I know he's going to be fine...another huge answer to prayer!

Next was Sawyer's class. We got another amazing teacher there, too. She's really fun and spunky and will totally fit Saw's personality. He was very bashful last night, but I know that they are going to really hit it off. He was most excited about having his own desk with a cubby in it.

Last was Keaton's class. Again, another winner with the teacher. She is so soft-spoken, and we've heard that she is really sensitive to kids and their insecurities. So, we feel like we've got another perfect match for Keaton and his personality. She did tell us in the meeting that they would learn cursive this year, and Keaton came out struttin'. He told me that he was going to practice his cursive Sunday night so that he could go show his teacher Monday morning that he already knew cursive. Over-achiever! (His proud mama does know that he really does have pretty cursive though!!!) Keaton was also pumped about there being a bathtub in the reading center! FUN!

After we were finished at the elementary and the boys had checked out the bathroom (a must!) we headed over to the high school to just drop in for a few minutes. So glad, because, like I said before, my new friend was there and I got to hang out with her for a few minutes. Her mom said she didn't know if I was "talkative" enough for her....HA! She obviously doesn't know me very well!!! :)

We got home around 7:30 and I crashed. I think I watched a race or two of the Olympics in between sleepy eyes, but I couldn't tell you what happened.

Today we are just taking it easy -- hallelujah! Then I guess we'll relax over the weekend and gear up for the big day on Monday!

Bring it on...I'm ready!! But first, I think I'm going to take another nap -- while I still have the chance!


Can It Be? Am I Really Finished? Check!

  • 3 new pairs of Nikes....check
  • 2 new Old Navy tee-shirts for each....check
  • 3 pairs of shorts for Sawyer because he can't get his others buttoned....check
  • 1 new blankey for Tate's rest-time at school....check
  • 1 yellow plastic folder with prongs and pockets that we've searched all over creation for....check
  • 1 large pink eraser that we've also searched all over creation for....check
  • 1 new lunchbox for Keaton because I threw his other one away....check

What does this mean?


I'm so happy! While the boys and I were out today in Benton, I was able to finish everything up! I had a couple of things left on the school supply list that I could not find anywhere. Like the yellow folder...I could find every other color, but not yellow, and the list was specific about it being yellow. And the big pink erasers...sold out in Arkadelphia...so glad I found them today.

I really do love shopping. It is one of my favorite things to do, but I HATE shopping under pressure, and I really felt under pressure today to get everything we needed. There were just those few last minute things that we had to get finished up. Whew! I'll be able to sleep well tonight!

Here are our new school shoes...aren't they mah-va-lus? They ought to be after how long it took us to actually find some decent looking ones in our sizes. Shoe shopping wears me out anyway...unless it is for me! :)

Are you all ready for school? Or do you have more shopping to do? (Leave me a comment if you get a chance and let me know where you stand on all this back-to-school madness!)

Wednesday Plans

It is 6:30 in the morning.

The alarm went off early this morning. Kirk had his guy's Bible study this morning, so he left earlier than he usually does. But, my alarm keeps going off. I don't know what is wrong with it. I've turned it off a gazillion times and it just keeps buzzing. Chunking it across the room has crossed my mind.

I decided to check-in here before I get in the shower and stay in there way too long. I am probably very accurately predicting that it is going to be a very long day, so a few extra minutes (or ten or fifteen!) will probably be good before-hand therapy.

Keaton has a dermatologist appointment today. I'll have to blog all about that sometime soon. If I got started now, then I'd write way too much and I'd have to give up my extra shower time. His appointment is in Benton, which means DRIVING...ugh...I hate driving.

Since we're going to be around a place that actually has NORMAL shopping, we are going to check out a couple of stores after the appointment and try to get some school shopping done. The boys don't need much, but they all could stand a new pair of shoes. Hoping for a good sale. I'm sure they will all come home with a tee-shirt or two from Old Navy, too...that usually is the case.

Since I'm starting a new job (oh, I'll need to blog about that sometime soon, too!), I'm not sure what I need. I think it is a fairly casual dresscode...but, not entirely sure! So, I probably will wander around looking for something, then give up on buying work clothes for me and just buy another tee-shirt...again, usually the case.

Well, I promise I will blog later! I know some of you are wondering what in the world I meant by the whole new job thing....

Right now? Time for my shower...I think I can still squeeze in a few extra minutes!

(Oh, do you like my new look for my blog? Thanks to Jennifer who helped me get it all looking very snazzy!!)


Tooth Torture

I'm having dental woes.

It all started with my first dental check-up in 4 or so years. Lets see, the last time I went I was prego with Tate. Yikes! I actually remember going then and getting sick to my stomach and throwing up in the dentist office...haven't been back since.

Anyway, so one of my teeth had started to bother me everytime I chomped down on anything sweet. Now, I wasn't about to give up my Hershey bars and strawberry cupcakes, so I decided that I would suck it up and go to the dentist.

My first appointment was really okay. I had a super nice hygienist and she didn't hurt me. So she scored points there. But, then she spoke the dreaded words, "You have five cavities."

FIVE? What? I really do brush and floss I promise! Okay, sometimes I skip flossing, but gee whiz...five cavities?! I guess that is one cavity for every year that I have played skip-a-roo from the dentist! Serves me right.

So I went back last week and had my first three fillings. They were all in a row on the top. The source of all my cringing when I munched on CrackerJacks. So, I was pretty excited that they were fixing those first...meant pain-free sweet snackin' for me! Wha-hoo! They gave me laughing gas on that visit...I was flying high and feeling no pain. He could have done whatever he wanted to me that day. In fact, I remember having the crazy thought that I was sad that he was finished working on me...like I said...crazy.

After a good experience last week and enjoying the pure pleasure of eating something sugary and not wanting to dig my fingernails into the nearest piece of furniture, I headed back today for my final two fillings. I settled back into the chair, flipped on FoxNews, and prepared myself for another high-flying experience. UNH-UH.

Oh, I got the gas...but, I think the dental assistant had it turned up higher than last time. It was more confusing and bothersome this time than psychedelic. So the doc came in and shot me in the gum. I watched some Olympic recaps on TV and then he was back. He began to drill on my tooth instructing me to raise my hand if it hurt. Oh, I raised my hand alright. It felt like he was scraping bone in there. So he apologized profusely and shot me again. I watched something about Obama on TV and he was back. He started drilling again. Up goes my hand...again. What the heck is going on? I've been gassed and shot twice...sheeze louise. He was clearly perplexed by my stubborn tooth, so he asked his assistant (I think her name was Stacy, but all I know for sure is that she was wearing gray scrubs and apparently has a boyfriend...) for something. I don't know if I didn't catch the name because of all the Novocain he had shot me with plus the laughing gas, or if it just has a medical name that I didn't understand, but whatever it was, he used it on me. It felt like he was inserting something under my tooth, maybe like a cream or gel, but who knows...I was already to the stage of biting my tongue I was so numb. This time he started to drill and I didn't feel a thing.

He finished up the fillings quickly after that, and soon I was hanging out in the chair with oxygen flowing in place of the happy gas.

Right after my appointment, I had to take Tate for a physical and school shots and had a meeting I needed to attend. I made my way through both trying not to take a hunk out of my tongue or my cheek. I kept slurring all my words and couldn't pronounce my S's or my Th's until about 45 minutes ago. It sounded more like I had stayed on the gas too long rather than just having had dental work!

But, now I HURT SO BAD. I don't know if it is because he had to do the extra stuff to me to get me numb or what, but it is hurting something awful. I had to eat on the other side of my mouth, not because I thought I'd bite my cheek, but because it hurts too bad for anything to touch my tooth.

Well, I'm hoping that after a couple of Tylenol and a snooze I'll feel better. If not, I guess I'll go back and ask him to check me...I just don't want anything else to hurt! Then it might be five more years before I ever go back again...



We went to the most amazing place on Friday. I think the definition of "amazing" is different for different people. For instance..."amazing" for Kirk is the smell of new tools or the way that grease feels smeared across his face while he's working on his truck. For me, "amazing" is finding the perfect pair of boots (which has yet to happen, by the way. I'm hoping for a good boot season this fall...I'm still looking!) or saving a good chunk of money at the grocery store by using coupons and store specials (especially Wal-Mart...anytime I can somewhat beat the Wal-Mart system, I feel better). "Amazing" for Keaton, Sawyer, and Tate is stuff like opening a new character on a video game (we just opened up the Emperor on Lego StarWars...boy bliss!) or hiding toy snakes in their mom's shower just to hear her scream (really happens...again, boy bliss!).

Back to our amazing place we went to yesterday...and by this "amazing," I mean a place where the boys not only had a great time, but so did I! Rare in boyland. I'm usually just tolerating all the boy places we have to go. No Build-A-Bear and Tea Parties for us!

So what kind of marvelous wonder of mother/son utopia did we find?


This place is incredible.
Stephanie had invited us to go up with her and the kids to meet one of our good friends and her son who had moved to Benton a few years ago. I agreed because I knew the kids would like it, but was totally unprepared for the magical excitement that ensued.

Repeating...this place was incredible. It is a gigantic room that is full of all those blow-up jumpy things. No kidding. That's it. No Chuck-E-Cheese games. No goofy tickets to get goofy prizes. No Go-Karts or Putt-Putt. Just jumpy things.

They have this one huge slide that was my favorite. You have to climb up this inflatable staircase (only the stairs are like 2 inches wide--so don't slip, or you are just sliding all the way down on your tummy taking everyone behind with you!) with handles that are made out of seatbelt material. When you are at the top, you get to slide down (and it's pretty steep) and WHOOSH! all the way to the bottom until you crash into an inflatable wall. AMAZING! I don't know about the kids, but I went like a million times.

Here's Tate...whooshing! Fun, right?

They also have this huge obstacle course...inflatable, of course. It is meant for little people, so it is quite comical for us big people to try and make our way through. There are all kinds of things that you have to climb over and under and through, and then (okay, this wasn't so amazing) there is this huge Matterhorn of a mountain you have to climb to reach the top of the slide. Nothing like the whole seatbelt staircase...oh, no. This is the Mount Everest of inflatable toys. I actually made it up once...that's it. Once. I tried several times after, only to come crashing down. Extremely embarrassing. Poor B (our friend) got this nasty bruise/burn thing on her arm from the evil thing. Nasty, I tell you, Nasty. And then there is Stephanie...she had no trouble climbing up on each attempt...grrrrrrrrr....inflatable jumpy thing envy....

Yah, I climbed through there, too! Yikes! I'm still sore!!

Here's Sawyer and Tate climbing up the torture mountain...glad that wasn't a picture of me trying!

They also had a jumpy house...the traditional kind that is at every fair and church parking lot carnival in America. So much fun. I think B had to stay in there for most of the time because her son, E, wouldn't come out! The only thing I didn't like about that particular one was that the hole to get in and out was teeny. You kind of have to slither in and out...only everything in the place is so super slick that you (well, me) end up sliding all the way down onto the floor, busting your rear. Not attractive.

They also had another jumpy thing that just didn't have the top like the house...we didn't seem to spend too much time in it. And there was also a blow-up basketball hoop thing where you could shoot baskets. Fun if you can actually shoot a basket...me? Not so much.

So, by now you are either thinking, "Cool. Way fun! I want to go!" or "BLAH." Let me just say that the kids had a blast, and so did I! I love to play, so I'm all up for places that actually encourage the parents to play with their kids.

This has fast moved up to my top five places to go with my kids! We will definitely go back!!! The boys can't wait!

See, look at how happy they are...



Rules, Shmules...

Parenting skills went down the tube (or the blue slide) yesterday!

We went to the WaterPark. I still have several visits left on my pass, so figured we should get busy using those up before summer is over. Kirk HATES the waterpark, so using them on a weekend after school starts is out of the question! It was a pretty good day...except for one little hic-cup...

For those of you who have been to our WaterPark in Arkadoo you know that there is a blue curly slide...super fun. Well, this summer, Keaton and Sawyer both mastered it, and it has become their favorite thing to do there. Technically, Sawyer is still a shy short of the 48 inches that they "require" you to be to go down the slide, but I haven't worried about it because he can swim like a fish and the drop-off point for the slide is like 3 feet something...Sawyer can touch no problem.

We might have run into this particular problem once or twice before, but it hasn't ever run like fire through my veins like yesterday. And it all started with a lifeguard. I've never seen her there before, but "Miss Stickler For the Rules" was manning the slide yesterday when we got there. So begins my excellent parenting...

After we are all slathered up with sunscreen, Sawyer and Keaton head off to slide. I can see from where my chair is, that they have made their way up the stairs; Keaton slides down; but Sawyer walks back down the stairs. "Hummmm..." I say. Sawyer makes his way back over to me and I can tell he is about to cry. He tells me that he is "too short" to go on the slide.

I comfort him and send him back into the pool. "This is ridiculous," I think to myself (probably said it outloud, because the lady in the way-too-revealing swimsuit sunning herself next to me while reading a trashy Fabio-on-the-cover novel was looking at me rather strangely). "He's been on that slide a million-and-one times and now they are going to stick us with the rules."

[Okay, now let me insert that I LOVE rules. I think that they are important and that we need them. Please don't worry about the Goodrum family...we're okay.]

So, back to my fuming...after stewing about it for awhile and watching with hawk eyes to make sure that no other little people were being allowed on that slide, I decided to act on my mama bear instincts.

I marched over to the side of the pool (my little swimsuit skirt just a-swingin' and my flip-flops just a-flippin'), called my red-headed bear cub out of the pool, and informed him that I was going to go talk to the lifeguard for him. Sawyer looked at me like I was a superhero --ahhh...proud moment (possibly evens out my parenting blunder that is still to come! No, not quite!).

So, we march up the stairs to the blue slide. I wait for "Miss Stickler" to even pay attention to me...she is intently engaged staring out into space...hmmmmmm...

Finally...there is acknowledgment...

Very sweetly, I purr, "He has been going down this slide all summer, is there a problem today?"

*Growly voice* "He's too short."

*Not so sweetly* "Excuse me? Like I said, he's been going down all summer. He can swim like a fish. Now, in August, he's too short?"

*More growly* "Yep." And then Miss Stickler turns away and pretends that my red-headed angel and I aren't even there.

Okay, fuming now. And it isn't really because of the slide...we could get over the slide...but, not sure why this life-saving public servant is set on hurting my baby so badly! (I realize that I may be exaggerating a bit...but, it was traumatic yesterday!) :)

Back to the story...

Sawyer and I head down the stairs, and in a momentary lapse of parental judgement, I say, *loud enough for Miss Stickler to hear* "It's okay, Sawyer, they change the lifeguards every once in awhile. Just watch up here and when the lifeguard changes, you can come slide."


My freckled-face punkin looked at me with such shock and joy at the same time. Could it be that his mother is giving him permission to be sneaky and beat the system? Something that we are harping on at home all the time, and here, now, in public, she has given the green light?

Sawyer scurried back to the pool before I could call him back and recant. I thought about it, but in that moment, I was still highly irritated at Miss Stickler upstairs, so I let him go. I flip-flopped my way back to my chair, laid back, and tried to pretend that it never happened....

Until, not 10 minutes later, I hear Sawyer, in his deep, manly 6 year old voice, YELL at his brother from across the pool, "Hey, Keaton, the lifeguard changed. Mom said I can slide after the mean lifeguard came down!"


Now the lady with the Fabio book was really scrunching her nose at me...

(Let me tell you that as horrified as I am that I actually allowed my child to partake in my deviant behavior...he had a great time sliding yesterday...because all of the other FIVE lifeguards that rotated through let him! I counted!)


Yummy, Yummy Tiger Butter!


My new favorite sweet (and cheap and easy) sweet snack is Tiger Butter! Have you ever had it? If you like chocolate and peanut butter then you have to try it!! (Sorry, Mich!)

The boys and I were craving some yesterday, so we hopped in the kitchen and got started. Well, first we "hopped" to Wal-Mart to buy the chocolate, but then we got started!

All you need is:

White Chocolate (I use almond bark, but you can use a package or two of white chocolate chips)
Milk Chocolate (I use a package of chocolate chips, but you can use any milk chocolate)
Peanut Butter (I just spoon as much as I want in there, maybe about a cup and a half, but there are no exact measurements, so just do what looks good!)

Melt the white chocolate and milk chocolate in separate saucepans (according to your package directions). Add the peanut butter to the white chocolate after it is melted. Stir over low heat until smooth.

Spray a cookie sheet (the kind that has sides, not the all-flat kind) with cooking spray, and then pour the white chocolate/peanut butter mixture in the pan. Spread it out. Drizzle the milk chocolate over the top (use it all!), and then, with a butter knife cut through the drizzles, so that it swirls. It will look really pretty.

Put it in the freezer until it hardens. Then cut it and EAT IT ALL UP!!!!!!!

Here is Tate while I was melting chocolate. I made him stand on a chair so I could take his picture. He is all scrunchy-shouldered because he thinks he's going to get burned...good for him, I guess!

Here is Keaton stirring the chocolate.

Here is Sawyer ready to eat our yummy treats! I give them 2 thumbs up, too!!

My kids love to help make this because it is super easy, fast, and fun! Plus, they really like the end result!!!!!!!!!

Hope you like it! If you don't, send me your left-overs, I'll eat them!! :)

More Ants

I hate that I didn't think to take a picture...it would have been perfect.

But, what we do have is the shirt that has half of the screen-print paint eaten off of it! I'm not kidding!
Yesterday evening, the boys and I were snuggled up in my bed watching Big Brother. (Okay, right now you can insert all your "Oh My"s and "Oh Brother"s because yes, I do let my kids watch those shows with me...terrible parenting, I know...I'm sure we'll pay for lots of years of therapy!) Kirk came in to get dressed for a meeting he had to go to at work (yah...work at 7:30 on a Sunday...I know, I know). He was just going to throw on a pair of shorts and a tee shirt, when he said, "My clothes are covered in ants."

What? That didn't even register at first when he said it. But, I got up to look and sure enough...all of his tee-shirts in the little cubby were crawling with the little critters. (In our closet, we each have a thing of cubby-like shelves where we keep some of our folded up clothes.)

A ton of his shirts have that screen-printing paint on them, but the little boogers were especially drawn to this one shirt. It was his Arkadelphia Baseball shirt, and it has this bright red paint on it...

Not anymore! The ants ATE the red paint off. No kidding. I've never seen anything like it before in my life!

So, I busted out the bug spray and killed them all; set ant traps so they don't come back (hopefully!); and now have an entire load of laundry to do made up of 20 or so used-to-be clean tee-shirts (like I didn't have enough laundry to do today anyway!).

Kirk was just glad he didn't have ants in his pants!!!!!!!! :)


A Star Wars Saturday

Talk about lazy days. This has been one. In fact, I almost hesitated getting on the computer today, just so that I could keep the day...I don't know...different from all the other days of my week.

We haven't done anything of any kind of responsibility all day...and I AM LOVING IT!

Everyone in the house slept late (well, 8:30...but, that is late around here). I was still in bed and could hear Keaton and Sawyer in the living room playing Keaton's new LEGO STAR WARS video game (he got it for his birthday, so now it is our new obsession!). With the big boys awake and busy, Tate woke up and crawled in bed with us. He asked if he could watch a movie in our bed, so we popped in a VeggieTale movie. We spent most of the movie snuggling and tickling, rather than actually watching LarryBoy save Bumblyburg. Love that!

Soon my four men were dropping hints about being hungry and famished, so I headed in to make pancakes, while Kirk and Tate moved to the living room to join the Star Wars party. After stuffing ourselves on pancakes, we stayed in the living room for most of the day, the guys taking turns stamping out the Dark Side on the Wii. I enjoyed my morning, watching my fellas, taking a couple of catnaps (a total luxury), and playing Star Wars...toys.

Tate has these cute little miniature preschool action figures. He has a bucket full of little Star Wars guys, so we had several battles with those. He always won. For some reason, I always had to be the bad guys, and I was informed that in Star Wars the good guys always win. As it should be I guess...

Keaton had received a couple of Lego Star Wars sets for his birthday, so I was honored enough to be asked to help build the "clone ship." It was hard! It got broken by one of the younger brothers, and now I know why Keaton gets so mad when his brothers break his stuff...

Keaton also has a couple of huge tubs full of Star Wars action figures, ships, weapons, and who knows what else. Those were brought out today and we have set them all up, put them all in "jail," had battles, and changed their clothes. It is the closest I'll get to Barbie dolls with my boys, so I have played willingly!!

What? Sawyer isn't mentioned much in this Star Wars day? Oh, he's still playing the video game. He really doesn't care anything about Star Wars at all...he is just obsessed with the Wii. No toys for him.

So now it is 6:00 and we are still Star Wars-ing. Come to think of it, we did stop for hot dogs around lunch time, but really, for the most part, we have been glued to our Jedi Knights and light sabers all day.

And, you know what? I would take these kinds of days anytime! I think we are watching a couple of the Star Wars movies tonight...complete with sleeping bags and popcorn! I can hardly wait!

May the force be with you!


Summer...I Knew You Well...and Have LOVED It!

Wow! Can it really be August 1 already? Where does time go? Summer is almost over, and I feel like it just started. I love summer. I love everything that summer offers and everything that it represents...I just, well, love it!

I'm not ready for school to start...at all! I love the smell of fresh crayons and the feel of brand new #2 pencils as much as the next guy, but that doesn't mean I'm ready for them to brought out. In fact, the only thing that I can make myself be half-way excited about is the buying of new school supplies! That part is fun...I just don't want anyone to use them yet! I'm not ready for getting up early, ironing school clothes (mine...don't think I iron the kids'...although someone I know does...uh-hum, Leanne!), packing lunchboxes, homework, studying for spelling tests, getting home late, being exhausted at the end of the day, and my list could go on and on. I'm just not ready.

So, as I look at the calendar and see that my days are ticking away, I'm wondering what to do to make the most of our last few precious days. Do we cram a ton of really fun stuff in so that my kids can savor these moments of freedom before routine sets in? Well, that leaves me tired. Or do we stay at home and bum around so that I can enjoy sleeping late (not that 8:00 is late, but it is in school world), dozing all afternoon, and having laundry caught up? Well, that usually leads to lots of "I'm bored" statements at various intervals throughout the days. Such a dilemma!

I guess we'll just keep on doing what we've been doing. It's worked so far for us. A few lazy days around the house, followed by a few sunny days at the pool and lake. Makes all of us happy. My only problem is that there aren't enough of those days left. It makes me sad to think that in just a few short weeks I won't see how cute Tate looks in his goggles for a whole year. I won't be able to enjoy watching Sawyer venture out into the deep-end (something that he's just mastered this summer, and I'm so proud!), and I won't be able to hear Keaton's squealy high-pitched cackle as he comes flying out of the blue slide at the waterpark (another mastery of the summer...again, so proud). These precious summery things will be lost to another school year. As silly as this sounds...these things are special to me, and I'm being selfish in that I don't want them to end.

So my precious summer is fading.

I'm determined to enjoy every last drop of it before the world of khakis, brand new Nikes, and backpacks takes the place of my precious swimsuits, flip-flops, and beach bags....